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Top posts of all time

Hi there, just to recap, that this might be an interesting find for those who is curious on what is the most viewed article on this site :

Below is the top 10 :

How to style your hair with wax?(male) 34,949
How to connect Playstation 2 to your CRT 29,677
How to read manga? 13,154
How to chat without installing software 9,655
How to apply thermal paste to your AMD A 7,509
How to use key to open a door? 6,031
How to pair your Apple Remote with your 5,194
How to insert a SIM card into Sony Erics 5,035
How to make a paper plane? 4,978
How to withdraw money from an ATM? 4,744

If there is anything I can help, do not hesitate to drop me a line at siaukia [at] gmail [dot] com 🙂 or leave a comment at the request page 🙂

Update for 2009

Hi there everyone,

In case you are wondering, yes I am still alive 😛 Just that I’m wondering on my side if there’s any specific posts or guides that you might need to aid your daily life better?

Thanks again for all your kind comments! They’re really encouraging for me. Happy new year again!