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How to insert film cartridge into Instax Mini 50S

The Fuji Instax is like the modern reincarnation of the century old Polaroid camera that was really popular back in the days. In this post I will share with you a simple guide on how you can install/insert your newly purchased film cartridge into your Instax Mini 50s. The film itself, which contains 10 sheets of blank photo, retailing approximately $10 USD per box.

Above is a sample of one box of the film cartridge that contains 10 sheets of photo.

Inside the box contains a sealed packaged of the cartridge. There is an illustration on how you can remove the packaging.

Look towards the top of the package where you can tear open.

Remove the cartridge from the packaging.

Above is the back of the instax mini film cartridge (back view). Note there is a yellow marker at the top right.

You are almost there, above is your camera, beloved Instax Mini 50S. We will now insert the cartridge into this camera. Please remember to switch off your camera before proceeding.

To open the back cover of the camera and place the cartridge, look at the lower right (camera’s lens facing you) of the camera.

Note there is a “FILM” word etched on the button. Push the button downward to open the back cover of the camera.

Shown above is the back cover of the camera opened.

Next, insert the cartridge into the camera with the yellow marker facing upward. (You’ll not be able to put it the other way around)

Once the cartridge is properly seated, close the back cover and we’re done!

But hold on, we still have one more important step before venturing to the outside world for your first Instax Photography journey. Switch on the camera.

Press on the camera shutter button to take a picture (do not worry). There should be a black plastic sliding upward from the camera (shown above).

With that important step completed, you should now see the total count of the available films inside your camera. Hoo-ray!