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How to block annoying ads (including Facebook Ads) with Google Chrome (and run it in incognito/private browsing mode too)?

If you are frustrated by the amount of ads (including malicious ones) from the web, and how it ruins your web browsing experience. Your wish is now granted if you are using web browsers that supports Addons/Extensions such as Google Chrome.

To begin launch Google Chrome and visit the link below. Click on ADD TO CHROME to install the extension into your browser.

Chrome WebStore

Download AdBlock for Google Chrome

Once you clicked on it, you will be prompted to confirm your installation of the extension, click on Add to proceed.


The installation should take less than 1 minute, depending on your internet connection speed. You will be seeing the installation progress as shown below.




Once the installation is successful, you will see the message shown below. If you visit the same link again, you will be prompted that the extensions has already been installed on your Google Chrome.

4 5


How do I run AdBlock under incognito mode?

If you an often user of incognito mode just like me, you would wonder how to enable the awesome extension. First, go into Google Chrome’s Preferences.



Click on Extensions. You will see a list of (other) extensions you have installed, if you have it. Notice there is an option for you to enable “Allow in incognito”. Select the checkbox to enable it.




Once you have enabled it, you should see AdBlock’s icon appearing next to the top right of your Google Chrome.


Congratulation! Your browser will now hide all ads known to the web! 

Download AdBlock for Google Chrome