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Top 10 Post for the month of November 2007

Time has surely pass so fast that it is now the last month of the year! I would like to wish you guys a…

How to connect Playstation 2 to your CRT 1,143
How to style your hair with wax?(male) 954
How to chat without installing software 306
How to insert a SIM card into Sony Erics 215
How to cut your fingernails 134
How to use key to open a door? 120

Happy new year and merry christmas!

There should be more guides I would like to share soon. Been awhile. I was stucked in real life work situation.

Top 10 Post for the month of May 2007

Phew! It’s almost half of the year 2007. And that’s really a fast time passed upon us. I hope that you have so far enjoyed all of the guides and may find it useful. If you’d have any ideas or requests to make do not hesitate to drop me an email and let me know about it. And if you’re interested to write-in, give it a shot! Full credits will be given and we can always hope more people to enjoy what’s in your thought as well!

How to connect Playstation 2 to your CRT 665
How to style your hair with wax?(male) 657
How to chat without installing software 248
How to pair your Apple Remote with your 102
How to apply thermal paste for Pentium 4 99
How to insert a SIM card into Sony Erics 88

Summer’s here!

How do we use Post-It notes?

Though it might not be the best to use Post-It notes that often due to massive wastage of paper, but somehow I find this is exclusively important to some that might find this useful.

Any typical Post-It notes will look like the picture shown above. And unlike ordinary notebooks, we will note that the stack of paper are being sticked in a form of zig-zag. This is a method to ensure that upon tearing the highest piece of the paper, we wouldn’t take off the rest from the bottom.

What we’ll normally do on it is to record down important meeting notes or dates.

Just in case we forget, we’ll find a spot where we can normally take on, and always work in front of the area. Upon finishing the writing, you can remove the top piece of the note which the note’s back will be sticky enough for us to stick on any common surfaces.

It’s best that we would stick the note right after tearing it from the stack of Post-It to avoid dusts sticking on the sticky area behind of the note. We’ll find a spot where it would be most obvious to always remind us of our task.


How to put your key into the keychain?

Sometimes we might just have too much thing to keep track off and afraid of losing it, for example, our keys. The best is to actually keep all of our key into a keychain. Besides keeping it organised, we’ll able to access to it for opening doors quickly.

To complete this guide, we’ll need to have a key and keychain. Shown on the picture are ordinary keychain that you can get very fancy ones for less than R.M.2.00 on the market.

Take note that the keychain has a ring where we can slot the keys inside. And we can insert the key into the keychain by forcing the keychain to open slightly.

And push the key into it.

And there we have it! Enjoy!

How to shake hand with other people?

Perhaps one of the greatest gift in this world is the art of saying hello, using our body language. In which it could generate a lot different response on different culture, religion or beliefs. Sign language that we think that it might work and be friendly in one country might not apply in other. But here’s a quick guide on how you can use this global method of saying hello. Shaking hand.

First before proceeding, we’ll have to make sure that it’s best to keep our hand clean before  shaking our hands with our friend or any stranger.

Though it’s not a must, but it’s best practice to use your right hand to greet the other person. Do not hesitate to volunteer to offer a handshake upon meeting a new friend or colleague. It’s best also to lean your body slightly over the other person while shaking hand. Firmly hold the hand of the other person to complete the handshake.

It’s a general custom to apply less pressure during handshake towards female while for male, to express friendliness, there are some males prefer the handshake to be applied with moderate force. But please BEWARE not to apply too much pressure or force else you will end up hurting or offending the other person. With a motion of up-down, move slowly for 3 times before ending the handshake.

Once done, you can release the grip of the hand.

This step is not necessary but just to demonstrate that we have successfully demonstrated the art of handshaking. Enjoy!

How to apply thermal paste for Pentium 4 processor?

From the questions asked frequently among the visitors, how can they clean up their processor’s thermal tape/paste before reapply a new one? How much is enough? How much is too much? I’d often got this question running up in my head until I solved it by myself and through a series of random trials and errors. Hope this will be helpful.

What do you do upon realizing a bunch of mess below the processor cooler? Release the lock and remove the processor from its seat.

You need your most trustworthy tissue paper. Trust me, it works for me all the time.

The best bet is not to hold the bottom of the pin of the processor with your hand and not to let any of the thermal paste to touch it. At this point, I only clean it with tissues and the results are normally promising. And some might suggest to use nail polishing oil to ensure there will no more old paste stucked onto the top of the processor.

Once it is clean, take a good look at it.

How to ensure that you won’t break the pin when installing the processor back onto the motherboard? Face the processor pins towards you, and note that there is 2 missing pins on one edge of the processor.

Make sure the 2 missing pins will face the top right of the processor socket when installing, and do not worry, you need not to apply any force at all, and it will only fit in at one angle.

Once it’s fitted in, lock it.

And we will prepare to smear some paste on top of it. For this guide, I’ll use my trustworthy Arctic Silver 5.

Note : Pictures below are taken from my other tutorial, which the rest of the pictures, I’ve decided not to use it, since it’s related to installing CPU fan. 

Do not  put too much force in applying the thermal paste, else you will need to clean it up again.

Put/Use only HALF of what is shown on the picture above. The picture above is an example of too much thermal paste is applied. This will cause your processor to overheat even faster. Enjoy!

How to deposit cheque into your own account?

I guess most of our most happy moment in our life is when we receive our paycheck, especially the first one. But there comes our most frustated moment on how we can turn the piece of paper to money. I’d hope this will help most of us in the future, and I think this would be applicable to any banks around Malaysia. Disclaimer : I offer no responsibility if any bad thing happens in the midst of the process, please consult to your nearest bank officer if you’d have any inquiries. I come in peace to help.

First  of all, we will need to obtain the cheque deposit slip from your nearest friendly bank, which will look exactly like the picture above and also you will need to have a cheque from your boss, or client. *NOTE* This is extremely important, before making any move beyond this, please check if the date written on the cheque is at least the same date or already passed the date where you are now, else you will go into a lot of trouble at the adminstration. For example, if the date of the cheque is 30th May 2007, and today is 25th May 2007, kindly wait until the date itself to make a cheque deposit.

We’ll move on by writing our bank account number and phone number for verification purpose.

And we’ll move on towards the bank slip, which we will have to fill in the details of the cheque. You’ll just need to tick on “Local cheque” if you have a cheque from around Klang Valley, and your bank is located around Klang Valley, except if it’s on a different state.

As for the bank field, I filled in MBB which stands for Maybank Berhad and note on the bottom left of the cheque that has the 6-digit code that you musn’t reveal to anyone of the cheque number.

And lastly at the bottom of the slip, you’ll have to fill in your name as per your account information and the account number.

Now we will turn to the back of the envelope/slip and note that there is an area and instruction where we can insert your cheque into it.

With care, slowly push the cheque into the envelope until it fits properly. We’re almost there!

And if you notice, there’s running dotted lines across the left edge of the slip, which you will need to turn it over and fold it so you can get the customer copy of the slip in case anything *finger crossed* happens.

By making sure the paper folded correctly…

Tear only the customer copy (yellow paper) carefully.

With that, you can keep that in your safety. And proceed towards your nearest bank to make the cheque deposit.

At the bank, locate this machine where we can put in our dearest cheque and turning it into tangile money form.

Wait patiently while it processes your request, and there will be a receipt appearing on the bottom left of the machine. Enjoy!

Top 10 Post for the month of March 2007

Wow, it must have been a rollercoaster ride for the past month that the PS2 post seems to be most favourite. Thanks for the support!

How to connect Playstation 2 to your CRT 803
How to style your hair with wax?(male) 482
How to apply thermal paste to your AMD A 346
How to read manga? 260
How to pair your Apple Remote with your 120
How to use Apple 60W MagSafe power adapt 96

And once again if you want to contribute an article to me, let me know about it. I’ll give you full credit about it. Since afterall it’s to share the knowledge with everyone.

How to install Windows Vista using Bootcamp 1.2 into your mac?

It must have been a blessing to be able to run different operating system at the same time. Despite Mac of running with Intel processor now, we’ll able to install Windows using  our Mac’s hardware. For this example, I’ll share on how you can install Windows Vista onto your Mac that is running Intel processor. We’ll need a copy of Bootcamp version 1.2 which is available for download on Apple’s website. Please ensure that you have at least more than 10gigabyte (10gb) free disk space on your computer.

Upon installing your copy of Bootcamp, launch the program to proceed.

While proceeding towards installing your new operating system, you’ll be asked if you want to create a Window’s Mac Driver CD. Prepare an empty CD-R for this so that after you are done with the Windows installation, you will just need to insert this CD and install it to make Windows recognize all of your hardware. It’s a must since it will also enable the trackpad and Apple Remote to work with Windows Vista.

After you’re done with the drivers CD, you’ll be asked on how much you will allocate for your Windows partition. Note that this partitioning process is so EASY that you have to only drag the column bar in the middle to determine the space you’ll need to allocate.

When you’re done, press ‘Partition’. Please note that to install Windows Vista Home Premium requires at least 8GB of hard disk space.

Upon completion of partitioning, you may now proceed with installing your Windows Vista. Insert the Windows Vista DVD that you have into the DVD Drive.

It will reboot into the installation menu.

Windows Vista installation screen.

Select ‘Install Now’. If you do not have the product key with you now, you may proceed with the 30 days trial.

Select the desired packaged that you have purchased.

Choose fresh install, and the partition that you have just made earlier in bootcamp.

What’s left is to just enjoy. And to remember install the Mac Driver’s CD when you’re done! Enjoy!

How to open a packaged hardware?

Occasionally, we indulge ourselves with different type of new computer accessories or hardwares. But we normally find ourself in trouble trying to open up the package which is nicely enveloped in plastic. It’s often where we damage the hardware during the ‘opening’ process. Here I would like to share on how you can gently open the plastic package to avoid any damage onto the product.

For this example we’ll have this Logitech Earphone which is tightly air packed with plastic.

We’ll need a small blade/cutter for this. Be very cautious to avoid any injury onto your finger/hand. Avoid doing this with childrens around.

Start by cutting through the top of the plastic and make a hole onto it.

It’s not necessary to always create a hole in the middle to rip of the plastic case, for this instance, we’ll cut through the side of the packaging so we’ll able to remove the plastic case.

With the top and both left/right side of the plastic case is cut, it’s now easier for you to take out the product. Enjoy!