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How to boot with different operating system on a Mac?

Whenever we install an extra operating system or known as O/S inside our Mac, on startup, we can choose on which to boot. This is crucial whenever we feel like to choose over other O/S for some emergency use.

Firstly, we will have to prepare a Mac that has more than one operating system. For this instance, Windows and Mac.

Next, hold down the Option key (alt) before pressing on the power button. Keep the Option key hold even after you release the power button.

Soon not long after that you will be prompt with a menu for you to select which operating system to boot into. Enjoy!

How to sit on an office chair?

It’s been a long history that chair existed to help us to sit more comfortably while working. I’m glad to have Zanoradiel to help over this quick guide on how you can enjoy sitting on your chair without hurting your back for over a long period of time.

First, you’ll need to have a chair while relatively all office chair looks the same like the one on the picture.

Position yourself precisely before sitting and hold down the handle using your hand to avoid the chair moving backward while you are trying to sit on it.

Adjust yourself to comfort. Enjoy!

Thing’s to avoid when sitting on the chair is to lean backward or to sit as shown on the picture, because this will cause a serious backache over a period of time.

How to open a pack of Ang Pow? (Red Packet)

 It has been a tradition and customary practices for Chinese from all over the world to give out red packets known as Ang Pows during Chinese New Year celebration. What’s are packed inside this are money. And it is always given to the singles or unmarried individual from married couples/parents for a sign of blessing and luck.

Here I would like share with you incase you collected any of it from your Chinese friends or family members. It’s known to be best open the packets after the Chinese New Year celebration is over on the 15th of the Lunar Calender.

Any ordinary  ang pow will look like this, which is in red colour most of the times as Chinese believes red brings luck to the people.

To maintain the red packet in good condition, it’s always best to inspect if it is glued tightly before opening it with force.

Upon opening the red packet, anticipate, and peek into it.

With grace, slowly take the moneys from the red packets. Enjoy!

How to use spoon and fork to eat rice?

The main dish in Asian’s food are usually served with rice, which acts as the main food chain in our lives. But of course, it’s not perfect but I would also like to share on how you can eat rice with both fork and spoon.

Normally, with rice in front of us during mealtime, we can eat with either fork, spoon, chopsticks or even fingers, but of course it will be covered in later times.

To start with it, first is to have one of your hand to scope almost half of the spoonful of rice. (I’m a left-hander).

And of course to ensure everything is in place, it’s best to support with a fork on your other hand.

With that said and done, you are now ready to have your first taste of the rice. Enjoy!

How to use w850i’s camera?

 The W850i is an absolute all-in-one entertainment gadget i assume. Not to be a fanboy myself (trying to hide it) but of course I would like to share with you some of the function of operating the 2.0 Megapixel camera inside this handphone. Really a lot of nifty function, that I didn’t found in the W810i though.

Here’s the White version of W850i.

To start, kindly slide down your phone to unlock the phone.

And then select camera from the menu.

With the camera selected, you are almost ready to go with shooting spree. But wait,  there are a lot of hidden tools beneath the softkeys. Which, to reveal it, press on the 0 (zero) on the dialing keypad, and there will be indication written on the lcd screen of the phone.

As indicated on the help screen, it did said something about extra button on the top of the phone. But where is it? Note the extra “bumpy” area at the side.

Both of it are button which one of it activates the Flashlight on the fly.

While the other one lets you select what kind of mode you want to shoot, be it, normal, panorama, frame (you can shoot with props around your face, eg. cage) or burst mode (shooting a lot of pictures at a rapid speed). Enjoy!

How to use mouse with wheel?

Out of so many great inventions for computers, there is one that we can never live without. Mouse. And here I would also like to share with you, in case you have a mouse with wheel, that you can click on it.

Here is a typical mouse that you can find on the market, priced around the range of RM10 to RM50.

For righthanders, this is how you normally access to the mouse.

With the second finger (cloest to thumb) resting on the left click of the mouse, the fourth finger (closest to pinky finger/where people usually wear rings, i think)  lay rest on the right click of the mouse. And for the mousewheel, you can leave the rest of the job for the middle finger.

So how do we normally use the mouse? With a limited space around a table, most of the times. We try hard to reach ‘hard to reach’ areas and stretching our arms unnecessarily.

To avoid such strains, kindly hold the mouse up from the table and then place the mouse closer to you and continue browsing. This will then ensure total enjoyment without much stress on the palm and your arm.

For the mouswheel, which are used for scrolling, you can actually use it for clicking. Which, for normal website browsing, clicking on it will bring up this unusual icon on your screen…

Which you then are able to maneuver  the website like the mighty mouse from apple, vertically  or horizontally or both at the same time. That’s about it. Enjoy!

And one worthy note on the red LED on the bottom of the ‘ballless’ mouse, it’s really harmful for the eye which it’s best to avoid your kid to look directly into it. Peace.

How to switch on Nintendo DS Lite?

Happy New Year and so it seems that everyone must have a piece of new gadget at hand to toy with. For the lucky ones i mean. I’m glad to have Zanoradiel to help over again on how you can operate or switch on the Nintendo DS Lite. A very slick built handheld.

First, we’ll have to prepare the DS Lite in front of us.

By gently facing the front lid onto us. As the picture instructed, gently open the lid and to ensure you damage the screen, not to open it more than 130 degrees.

The very final step we’ll have to do is to locate the power button which is located at the right end of the handheld. With a gentle push upward and then let it go, you’ll soon see the LED lit to indicate that you have switched on the DS Lite.

Tadaa~ Enjoy!

How to insert a SIM card into Sony Ericsson w850i?

There are times that happen to be us buying a new phone from somewhere, reliable that requires us to insert a SIM card on our own. Here is a quick guide to share with you for those that are using this beautiful W850i from Sony Ericsson.

First of all, you’ll have to turn the phone with the back/battery cover facing you.

By placing the fingers in it’s place, without touching or smearing the screen at all, GENTLY apply mild force to push upward from your thumb while your index finger acts as a support. And without much cow strength, you’ll be able to pull the cover off. Upon inspection you’ll first spot the battery in its place.

Locate the bottom of the phone as you can see there’s a spot on the bottom left/right that you can easily pick up the battery…

And lift it away.

With the battery taken off it’s place, make sure you place it in somewhere safe temporary, while on the other hand, you are now prepared to insert the SIM card into the slot provided inside the back of the phone. As you can see on the picture above, are the eletronic chip that stores most of your phonebook numbers and information which is very important on not scratching it.

With the eletronic chip facing downward, gently push the SIM card into the slot.

And without much force, you will be able to fit it perfectly. And this applies to most of other phone models as the SIM cards has standard sizes. Enjoy!

How to pair your Apple Remote with your iMac/Macbook/Macbook Pro?

Have you ever wondered what could you do with your Apple Remote? Which it came together with your iMac, Macbook/Macbook Pro? You can mess up people’s setup by pressing the ‘Menu’ button, in other word, you can use the same remote control to mess up with other people’s Mac. Awesome eh? But of course on the other hand you wouldn’t want that to happen to you, so thanks to Zanoradiel, he sent an article that talks on how you can make your Mac Product recognize only YOUR apple remote, which is better known as ‘pairing’.

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First of all, you will need to have the Apple Remote in your hand, and the only key needed for this process are the Menu and Play/Pause key. And of course you need to switch on your computer before proceeding.

By placing your remote close enough on the Infrared Red sensor on your Imac/Macbook/Macbook Pro, hold on to Menu and Play/Pause key at the same time. Hold it on for 5 second or more.

As soon everything is in the right place, you will suprisingly see one ‘chain’ icon and the apple remote appeared in the middle of the screen indicating that only remote can control your Mac product.

Of course you would also interested to know on how to ‘unpair’ it incase you have changed the remote on a newer one. By going to Apple -> System Preferences , choose Security from the menu.

By take a quick look at it, look at the bottom and you’ll see an option to ‘unpair’ your remote. Enjoy!

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