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What is this blog all about?
It’s not just another blog (I know, this been said a million times, trust me it’s different :P). Here you will find everything that you might ask yourself on how-to-do-it. Even the simplest question and most noob stupid question, do not afraid to question it here, you might find it. For example, how to wear socks properly, how to put up a necktie properly, or even how to cook an instant noodle! This is to often solve my problem in finding answer to things that I never seem to find the solution in books, and because they might think it’s too stupid because it’s a simple to do! Heck, I don’t know how to even tie my shoes sometimes. And it will grow as time goes by.

What do I need?
You no need to do anything, if you like the idea of this site, you can tell your friends about this. Share it with love

What does the name mean?
oneduasan? It just doesn’t make sense to you right? It’s actually a word derived from the Malaysian culture, a combination of a three language word, English, Bahasa Melayu and Chinese. And it means 1,2,3. Easy and simple concept, you look at the pictures, small description that describes the picture and you learn new thing! It’s that easy.

Who are you?!
I’m just a typical bland looking guy from Malaysia, a country located in between the ever famous Thailand and Singapore. Working as a fulltime designer in some company in this country, I guess i’m living a salaryman life now.

What type of question you are able to help me?
Those that are within my range of knowledge and experience, solely things that I’ve been through it myself, and it makes sense for me to share it because I’d know it’s not harmful to me, at least :P. But there is the possibility that questions about things I’ve never done before, if it’s something within my reach (eg. it doesnt require a rocket scientist to do it, doesn’t require to spend millions on it, not something that is too ridiculous to answer), I’ll be likely to answer it, if not, I’ll ask around for my friend to help, and worst come to worst, I’ll probably pend it at the To-Do’s page and see if there’s anyone can help.

I want you to help me with…how can i let you know about it?
Of course you can always keep in contact with me through email, by sending your request to siaukia (at) gmail (dot) com. But please do not spam me, i’m in no position and i’m a very weak person against that kind of attack :P. And alternatively, I’ve always hang out in the infamous lowyat.net forum, and you can post your request in this thread.

What else? Do check here as the questions and answers here will be accumulated as time goes by as well. There’s 2 now, there might be more in the future! 😀

I guess when it comes to this, although it’s something which is a big hassling process for me to go through, but heck, I don’t to be harmed and harm other.

Every single pictures and post made here are originally and belongs by me unless it’s being stated. Please do let me know if you want to use the picture and at least I’d know where the pictures went to :). I’m just a normal salaryman designer, which every single tips I’d post here are based on real life experience and sharing with all my friend, which is in fact it’s something that really worked for me and I’d thought to share with other about it. It might be things that is an easy process but you can’t seem to find a guide for it in any manual or dictionary.

If you have any question do let me know and send me an email at siaukia (at) gmail (dot) com.

15 thoughts on “About

  1. elvie

    u r my perfectly cool lecturer.. can i ask 1 question? how do u learn to write with left hand? X( my dad can do it but he didnt teach me this…

  2. ManMeng Post author

    left hand? i guess it’s really from your habit
    my parents last time did hit me real hard and scold me for usng left hand, but i just can’t write using my right hand, i just cant lol

  3. elvie

    @.@ do parents need to hit child for writing using left hand? i head that ppl who using left hand is smart and good with right brain.. and i found it quite true..

  4. Ray


    love ur name! also ur blog contents 🙂

    i am Chinese and happened to major in Indonesian, so when i see ur name , i feel so familiar and comfort .

    Semoga Anda Sehat dan Senang!

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