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How to buy ice-cream from Ikea Damansara, Malaysia?



To enjoy a cone of fluffy and soft ice-cream from IKEA, simply follow the steps below! This tutorial applies to IKEA Damansara in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

ikea_icecream_1First, queue up along the line towards the cashier.

After making your payment towards the cashier, you will be given a cute looking ice-cream cone with an IKEA ice-cream token! It’s time to head to the ice-cream vending machine.

Located few metres away from the cashier, you will find these individual ice-cream vending machine.


Find a machine that is vacant.

Place the cone on the machine’s cone holder. If unsure, you will see a bold number 1 are marked as the first step.

Next, insert your IKEA ice-cream token into the machine.

Notice that the display changes after the token is inserted. You are now ready to dispense the ice-cream on top of the cone!

Locate and press on the “Start” button to begin the ice-cream dispensing process.


Now sit back and relax while let the machine does all the hard work for you. You will notice that the cone are lifted towards the ice-cream dispenser outlet.

After several seconds, your fluffy and soft ice-cream is now ready to be consumed! Handle the ice-cream carefully to avoid spill.

ikea_icecream_11Congratulations! You have managed to enjoy the superbly fine ice-cream at an amazing price!