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How to prepare sanitary napkin for use

It may seem that generally all woman would be able to understand this technique in using sanitary napkin during their period at every month, but it would really deem difficult for those who is new at this, especially with teenagers that reached their puberty. I’d hope by sharing this would benefit you in any way. Do drop down your thoughts and share your experience with other readers as well! Enjoy!

First you will have to prepare,  both the napkin, which is available at any major supermarkets, and of course, there is a lot of varieties to choose from, which is down to your preference, be it, soft, hard, or for night use, I will try to cover the different types of napkin on a different article.

Next, which most of the napkin will share the same packaging, which you can open it by removing the plastic bag that is enveloping it.

There is usually a piece of paper that is attached onto the napkin that is protecting the ‘glue’ or sticky area of it from dirt or dust, remove it and you are ready to move to the next step.

Once you are ready with the napkin, turn your undergarment inward so that you can place the sanitary napkin onto the correct place.

To ensure that you are placing this in the correct orientation, if your sanitary napkin does have ‘wing’ support, make sure that the wing is placed near the front of your undergarment. Upon positioning it correctly, press and hold on the side of the napkin to ensure it fits correctly.

Next, you may skip this step if the sanitary napkin you are using does not have an extra support with wing. Usually this will aid in ensuring the napkin does not moves around or fall off when you are moving around. Remove the paper that is covering the glue/sticky are and turn the wing around to stick on to the bottom of your undergarment.

And we are almost ready. To ensure that it is correctly place. double check if it’s loosely fit.

And now we are ready to put it to use.

As you can see, it will be easier to identify if you are placing the sanitary napkin on the correct orientation by checking if the wing of the napkin if facing the front of the undergarment.

And of course an extra tips for those who is using this during the night time, where you might afraid of overflowing during sleep hours, that you can push the napkin to fit properly before going to bed. Thank you and I’d hope you are able to benefit from this sharing.

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