How to shake hand with other people?

Perhaps one of the greatest gift in this world is the art of saying hello, using our body language. In which it could generate a lot different response on different culture, religion or beliefs. Sign language that we think that it might work and be friendly in one country might not apply in other. But here’s a quick guide on how you can use this global method of saying hello. Shaking hand.

First before proceeding, we’ll have to make sure that it’s best to keep our hand clean beforeĀ  shaking our hands with our friend or any stranger.

Though it’s not a must, but it’s best practice to use your right hand to greet the other person. Do not hesitate to volunteer to offer a handshake upon meeting a new friend or colleague. It’s best also to lean your body slightly over the other person while shaking hand. Firmly hold the hand of the other person to complete the handshake.

It’s a general custom to apply less pressure during handshake towards female while for male, to express friendliness, there are some males prefer the handshake to be applied with moderate force. But please BEWARE not to apply too much pressure or force else you will end up hurting or offending the other person. With a motion of up-down, move slowly for 3 times before ending the handshake.

Once done, you can release the grip of the hand.

This step is not necessary but just to demonstrate that we have successfully demonstrated the art of handshaking. Enjoy!