How do we use Post-It notes?

Though it might not be the best to use Post-It notes that often due to massive wastage of paper, but somehow I find this is exclusively important to some that might find this useful.

Any typical Post-It notes will look like the picture shown above. And unlike ordinary notebooks, we will note that the stack of paper are being sticked in a form of zig-zag. This is a method to ensure that upon tearing the highest piece of the paper, we wouldn’t take off the rest from the bottom.

What we’ll normally do on it is to record down important meeting notes or dates.

Just in case we forget, we’ll find a spot where we can normally take on, and always work in front of the area. Upon finishing the writing, you can remove the top piece of the note which the note’s back will be sticky enough for us to stick on any common surfaces.

It’s best that we would stick the note right after tearing it from the stack of Post-It to avoid dusts sticking on the sticky area behind of the note. We’ll find a spot where it would be most obvious to always remind us of our task.