How to deposit cheque into your own account?

I guess most of our most happy moment in our life is when we receive our paycheck, especially the first one. But there comes our most frustated moment on how we can turn the piece of paper to money. I’d hope this will help most of us in the future, and I think this would be applicable to any banks around Malaysia. Disclaimer : I offer no responsibility if any bad thing happens in the midst of the process, please consult to your nearest bank officer if you’d have any inquiries. I come in peace to help.

First  of all, we will need to obtain the cheque deposit slip from your nearest friendly bank, which will look exactly like the picture above and also you will need to have a cheque from your boss, or client. *NOTE* This is extremely important, before making any move beyond this, please check if the date written on the cheque is at least the same date or already passed the date where you are now, else you will go into a lot of trouble at the adminstration. For example, if the date of the cheque is 30th May 2007, and today is 25th May 2007, kindly wait until the date itself to make a cheque deposit.

We’ll move on by writing our bank account number and phone number for verification purpose.

And we’ll move on towards the bank slip, which we will have to fill in the details of the cheque. You’ll just need to tick on “Local cheque” if you have a cheque from around Klang Valley, and your bank is located around Klang Valley, except if it’s on a different state.

As for the bank field, I filled in MBB which stands for Maybank Berhad and note on the bottom left of the cheque that has the 6-digit code that you musn’t reveal to anyone of the cheque number.

And lastly at the bottom of the slip, you’ll have to fill in your name as per your account information and the account number.

Now we will turn to the back of the envelope/slip and note that there is an area and instruction where we can insert your cheque into it.

With care, slowly push the cheque into the envelope until it fits properly. We’re almost there!

And if you notice, there’s running dotted lines across the left edge of the slip, which you will need to turn it over and fold it so you can get the customer copy of the slip in case anything *finger crossed* happens.

By making sure the paper folded correctly…

Tear only the customer copy (yellow paper) carefully.

With that, you can keep that in your safety. And proceed towards your nearest bank to make the cheque deposit.

At the bank, locate this machine where we can put in our dearest cheque and turning it into tangile money form.

Wait patiently while it processes your request, and there will be a receipt appearing on the bottom left of the machine. Enjoy!

19 thoughts on “How to deposit cheque into your own account?

    1. ManMeng Post author

      HI there,

      In case of mis-deposit, you need to quickly call to their customer center :

      Call our Customer Care hotline at 1-300 88 6688 or 603-7844 3696 (overseas) any time, any day. (That includes holidays.)

  1. bu

    sorry forgot to tell u that i havent deposit the cheque into the machine. how can i erased and fix it?

    1. ManMeng Post author

      Hi there,

      I think you have to check with the bank representatives on this. But most of the time I write it in. Probably to make their lives easier.



    Dear sir,

    Can i deposit a chque/dfaft on my account if

    1. chque/dd (accountpayee) for the same title but payee city is not same
    2. if Chque/dd is deffrent title for exp.
    my a/c is GSBA trust and deffrent a/c is gsba trust roorkee.
    3. my ac name is GSBA trust and deffrent A/c name is GSBA Eng.& managment and pharmacy institute bhagwanpur roorkee.
    pl. give me that information on my email add son

    thanking u

    1. ManMeng Post author

      Regards there,

      From my experience, below are my answers:

      1. I’m not sure if there’s a city for you to choose for DD (direct deposit?) but as long the name is the same it would be alright

      2. I’m not quite sure of what you’re trying to ask on this one, sorry.

      3. It is best to have the same name, but I’m doubting this will work, so it’s best to refer to your local bank representative


  3. Leona

    do i need to go to the respected bank check deposit machine of the cheque???? or should i go to the bank i’m depositing it in?

  4. gestaltist

    hello there,

    can i deposit the cheque in maybank cheque deposit if the cheque is under the name of other bank such as citibank?

    1. ManMeng Post author

      Hi there,

      Yes you can, however expect 1 – 2 day delay for the fund to reach your account for inter-bank cheques.


  5. Winson

    what if i deposit a cheque in a fast cheque deposit machine without using an envelope?

  6. juliana johnly

    i forget to put account number on the back of my cheque and i use the scanning machine that didnt using the envelope…also my phone number also ,but that time i just type my account number on the screen can they detect my account from the scanning deposit check machine???seriously i really worry about this…i’m using machine at maybank branch…so how??its i will loss my money??

  7. Wen

    Hi author, if the person bank in cheque to my account, let’s say is the date put 2weeks later, so I will only get the money 2weeks later? If suddenly half way the person cancel or stop their cheque?

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Wen,

      As long the person bank-in the cheque, depending if it’s a local bank or inter-bank, you will get it within 1 – 3 working days.
      You will not get your money if the person decides to stop the cheque.

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