How to apply thermal paste for Pentium 4 processor?

From the questions asked frequently among the visitors, how can they clean up their processor’s thermal tape/paste before reapply a new one? How much is enough? How much is too much? I’d often got this question running up in my head until I solved it by myself and through a series of random trials and errors. Hope this will be helpful.

What do you do upon realizing a bunch of mess below the processor cooler? Release the lock and remove the processor from its seat.

You need your most trustworthy tissue paper. Trust me, it works for me all the time.

The best bet is not to hold the bottom of the pin of the processor with your hand and not to let any of the thermal paste to touch it. At this point, I only clean it with tissues and the results are normally promising. And some might suggest to use nail polishing oil to ensure there will no more old paste stucked onto the top of the processor.

Once it is clean, take a good look at it.

How to ensure that you won’t break the pin when installing the processor back onto the motherboard? Face the processor pins towards you, and note that there is 2 missing pins on one edge of the processor.

Make sure the 2 missing pins will face the top right of the processor socket when installing, and do not worry, you need not to apply any force at all, and it will only fit in at one angle.

Once it’s fitted in, lock it.

And we will prepare to smear some paste on top of it. For this guide, I’ll use my trustworthy Arctic Silver 5.

Note : Pictures below are taken from my other tutorial, which the rest of the pictures, I’ve decided not to use it, since it’s related to installing CPU fan. 

Do not  put too much force in applying the thermal paste, else you will need to clean it up again.

Put/Use only HALF of what is shown on the picture above. The picture above is an example of too much thermal paste is applied. This will cause your processor to overheat even faster. Enjoy!

6 thoughts on “How to apply thermal paste for Pentium 4 processor?

  1. AMD freak


    This realy helps…you showed how much shouldn’t be applied, so could you post a picture that shows an approxamate amount to apply to the CPU? like…I don’t use all of it…do I use half or a qauter of whats in the container quater?


  2. ManMeng Post author

    A picture will come slightly later this month, i should go and get myself a processor to test /show it
    it should be a quarter OR half of what is shown on the picture above


  3. apparition

    AS5 is the stuff. You’re only supposed to use a “rice grain” of paste on it. I had to do all that for my P4. Too bad P4s suck now.

  4. tierasan

    Hmm for anyone who’s had experience in this, I’d appreciate some help! I just installed my pentium core 2 duo processor and fan into the mother board. First of all, I didn’t realise the cooling fan wasn’t properly clicked into place on the motherboard, so I accidently dislodged it when I was fiddling with some wires…is this a problem? This was like 4 hours after I stuck it on with the thermal paste (which seemed to be already on the cooling fan when it came out of the package)…will this cause cooling problems if the paste has been disturbed?

    Also, I’m having problems sticking the fan into the motherboard…I’m *pretty* sure that it’s stuck firmly on, but I’m scared of warping my motherboard by pushing too hard…any ideas?

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