How to open a packaged hardware?

Occasionally, we indulge ourselves with different type of new computer accessories or hardwares. But we normally find ourself in trouble trying to open up the package which is nicely enveloped in plastic. It’s often where we damage the hardware during the ‘opening’ process. Here I would like to share on how you can gently open the plastic package to avoid any damage onto the product.

For this example we’ll have this Logitech Earphone which is tightly air packed with plastic.

We’ll need a small blade/cutter for this. Be very cautious to avoid any injury onto your finger/hand. Avoid doing this with childrens around.

Start by cutting through the top of the plastic and make a hole onto it.

It’s not necessary to always create a hole in the middle to rip of the plastic case, for this instance, we’ll cut through the side of the packaging so we’ll able to remove the plastic case.

With the top and both left/right side of the plastic case is cut, it’s now easier for you to take out the product. Enjoy!

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