How to install Windows Vista using Bootcamp 1.2 into your mac?

It must have been a blessing to be able to run different operating system at the same time. Despite Mac of running with Intel processor now, we’ll able to install Windows using  our Mac’s hardware. For this example, I’ll share on how you can install Windows Vista onto your Mac that is running Intel processor. We’ll need a copy of Bootcamp version 1.2 which is available for download on Apple’s website. Please ensure that you have at least more than 10gigabyte (10gb) free disk space on your computer.

Upon installing your copy of Bootcamp, launch the program to proceed.

While proceeding towards installing your new operating system, you’ll be asked if you want to create a Window’s Mac Driver CD. Prepare an empty CD-R for this so that after you are done with the Windows installation, you will just need to insert this CD and install it to make Windows recognize all of your hardware. It’s a must since it will also enable the trackpad and Apple Remote to work with Windows Vista.

After you’re done with the drivers CD, you’ll be asked on how much you will allocate for your Windows partition. Note that this partitioning process is so EASY that you have to only drag the column bar in the middle to determine the space you’ll need to allocate.

When you’re done, press ‘Partition’. Please note that to install Windows Vista Home Premium requires at least 8GB of hard disk space.

Upon completion of partitioning, you may now proceed with installing your Windows Vista. Insert the Windows Vista DVD that you have into the DVD Drive.

It will reboot into the installation menu.

Windows Vista installation screen.

Select ‘Install Now’. If you do not have the product key with you now, you may proceed with the 30 days trial.

Select the desired packaged that you have purchased.

Choose fresh install, and the partition that you have just made earlier in bootcamp.

What’s left is to just enjoy. And to remember install the Mac Driver’s CD when you’re done! Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “How to install Windows Vista using Bootcamp 1.2 into your mac?

  1. K

    10gigabytes way too much to have Vista on my MacBook. I know this is optional choice but do you think it’s worth to have a Vista on a Mac?

  2. ManMeng Post author

    I dont think that its mandatory to have other o/s on your mac, well incase of emergency, vista is just overkill lol, i think that having that in my macbook reduce my producitivity since i spent a lot of time fiddling with the new o/s,

    it’s a good new feature, but not really shiny if you’re on a limited disk space i would say. from my opinion, i guess parallel does serve me for what i need. but well, if you’re curious you wan try 😛

  3. Teresa

    Thank you for publishing the directions and pictures for installing Windows Vista on the Mac. It was a great help with your info and the installation guide that came with boot camp. I tried to get away from window but there are still a couple of items I need it for and having a Mac and running the couple of programs is like haveing my cake and eating it too. Thank you again.

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