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Top 10 Post for the month of March 2007

Wow, it must have been a rollercoaster ride for the past month that the PS2 post seems to be most favourite. Thanks for the support!

How to connect Playstation 2 to your CRT 803
How to style your hair with wax?(male) 482
How to apply thermal paste to your AMD A 346
How to read manga? 260
How to pair your Apple Remote with your 120
How to use Apple 60W MagSafe power adapt 96

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How to install Windows Vista using Bootcamp 1.2 into your mac?

It must have been a blessing to be able to run different operating system at the same time. Despite Mac of running with Intel processor now, we’ll able to install Windows usingĀ  our Mac’s hardware. For this example, I’ll share on how you can install Windows Vista onto your Mac that is running Intel processor. We’ll need a copy of Bootcamp version 1.2 which is available for download on Apple’s website. Please ensure that you have at least more than 10gigabyte (10gb) free disk space on your computer.

Upon installing your copy of Bootcamp, launch the program to proceed.

While proceeding towards installing your new operating system, you’ll be asked if you want to create a Window’s Mac Driver CD. Prepare an empty CD-R for this so that after you are done with the Windows installation, you will just need to insert this CD and install it to make Windows recognize all of your hardware. It’s a must since it will also enable the trackpad and Apple Remote to work with Windows Vista.

After you’re done with the drivers CD, you’ll be asked on how much you will allocate for your Windows partition. Note that this partitioning process is so EASY that you have to only drag the column bar in the middle to determine the space you’ll need to allocate.

When you’re done, press ‘Partition’. Please note that to install Windows Vista Home Premium requires at least 8GB of hard disk space.

Upon completion of partitioning, you may now proceed with installing your Windows Vista. Insert the Windows Vista DVD that you have into the DVD Drive.

It will reboot into the installation menu.

Windows Vista installation screen.

Select ‘Install Now’. If you do not have the product key with you now, you may proceed with the 30 days trial.

Select the desired packaged that you have purchased.

Choose fresh install, and the partition that you have just made earlier in bootcamp.

What’s left is to just enjoy. And to remember install the Mac Driver’s CD when you’re done! Enjoy!

How to open a packaged hardware?

Occasionally, we indulge ourselves with different type of new computer accessories or hardwares. But we normally find ourself in trouble trying to open up the package which is nicely enveloped in plastic. It’s often where we damage the hardware during the ‘opening’ process. Here I would like to share on how you can gently open the plastic package to avoid any damage onto the product.

For this example we’ll have this Logitech Earphone which is tightly air packed with plastic.

We’ll need a small blade/cutter for this. Be very cautious to avoid any injury onto your finger/hand. Avoid doing this with childrens around.

Start by cutting through the top of the plastic and make a hole onto it.

It’s not necessary to always create a hole in the middle to rip of the plastic case, for this instance, we’ll cut through the side of the packaging so we’ll able to remove the plastic case.

With the top and both left/right side of the plastic case is cut, it’s now easier for you to take out the product. Enjoy!

How to boot with different operating system on a Mac?

Whenever we install an extra operating system or known as O/S inside our Mac, on startup, we can choose on which to boot. This is crucial whenever we feel like to choose over other O/S for some emergency use.

Firstly, we will have to prepare a Mac that has more than one operating system. For this instance, Windows and Mac.

Next, hold down the Option key (alt) before pressing on the power button. Keep the Option key hold even after you release the power button.

Soon not long after that you will be prompt with a menu for you to select which operating system to boot into. Enjoy!

How to sit on an office chair?

It’s been a long history that chair existed to help us to sit more comfortably while working. I’m glad to have Zanoradiel to help over this quick guide on how you can enjoy sitting on your chair without hurting your back for over a long period of time.

First, you’ll need to have a chair while relatively all office chair looks the same like the one on the picture.

Position yourself precisely before sitting and hold down the handle using your hand to avoid the chair moving backward while you are trying to sit on it.

Adjust yourself to comfort. Enjoy!

Thing’s to avoid when sitting on the chair is to lean backward or to sit as shown on the picture, because this will cause a serious backache over a period of time.