How to open a pack of Ang Pow? (Red Packet)

¬†It has been a tradition and customary practices for Chinese from all over the world to give out red packets known as Ang Pows during Chinese New Year celebration. What’s are packed inside this are money. And it is always given to the singles or unmarried individual from married couples/parents for a sign of blessing and luck.

Here I would like share with you incase you collected any of it from your Chinese friends or family members. It’s known to be best open the packets after the Chinese New Year celebration is over on the 15th of the Lunar Calender.

Any ordinary  ang pow will look like this, which is in red colour most of the times as Chinese believes red brings luck to the people.

To maintain the red packet in good condition, it’s always best to inspect if it is glued tightly before opening it with force.

Upon opening the red packet, anticipate, and peek into it.

With grace, slowly take the moneys from the red packets. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “How to open a pack of Ang Pow? (Red Packet)

  1. K

    My first few years I received “lai sees”, I kept it for months afraid I’d rip the nice red envelopes – it could be a bad luck. Nowadays, it can only stays in my hands for a jew a few seconds. I peel those off just to see how much money it got inside. Bad luck is true, I only got a few this year. I should hjave waited till after the 15th day. Hehehe.

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