How to use w850i’s camera?

 The W850i is an absolute all-in-one entertainment gadget i assume. Not to be a fanboy myself (trying to hide it) but of course I would like to share with you some of the function of operating the 2.0 Megapixel camera inside this handphone. Really a lot of nifty function, that I didn’t found in the W810i though.

Here’s the White version of W850i.

To start, kindly slide down your phone to unlock the phone.

And then select camera from the menu.

With the camera selected, you are almost ready to go with shooting spree. But wait,  there are a lot of hidden tools beneath the softkeys. Which, to reveal it, press on the 0 (zero) on the dialing keypad, and there will be indication written on the lcd screen of the phone.

As indicated on the help screen, it did said something about extra button on the top of the phone. But where is it? Note the extra “bumpy” area at the side.

Both of it are button which one of it activates the Flashlight on the fly.

While the other one lets you select what kind of mode you want to shoot, be it, normal, panorama, frame (you can shoot with props around your face, eg. cage) or burst mode (shooting a lot of pictures at a rapid speed). Enjoy!