How to use spoon and fork to eat rice?

The main dish in Asian’s food are usually served with rice, which acts as the main food chain in our lives. But of course, it’s not perfect but I would also like to share on how you can eat rice with both fork and spoon.

Normally, with rice in front of us during mealtime, we can eat with either fork, spoon, chopsticks or even fingers, but of course it will be covered in later times.

To start with it, first is to have one of your hand to scope almost half of the spoonful of rice. (I’m a left-hander).

And of course to ensure everything is in place, it’s best to support with a fork on your other hand.

With that said and done, you are now ready to have your first taste of the rice. Enjoy!

12 thoughts on “How to use spoon and fork to eat rice?

  1. K

    Hahaha this is too much for the table manners. Not many Asians don’t use spoon or fork to eat their rice. My Chinese colleagues uses their spoon to cut a spare ribs for many Filipinos, we enjoy eating barehanded – not in public tho.

  2. amused

    wow! i am really amused.. i have been eating rice with fork and spoon since the day i was born…hahahahhahaahahha!!!!

  3. dont be thankless

    There are people who don’t know how to eat with spoon and fork; and prefer eating with the spoon and fork god had provided them with(fingers). But, they do want to learn to eat by fork n spoon too for sake of not being different from few thankless people. So, its very nice, of you, ManMeng, to post this article, for those who need it. thank you!

    1. waqas haider

      yes dearz some people dont know the proper way to use spoon and fork , they feel shy using it for the first time…….
      it is not necessary that everyone use it from the day of birth!!!!!! 🙂 thanx…..

  4. Arun Palaniappan

    Dear ManMeng,

    I am from India. It provided me relief to learn how to eat rice with spoon and fork. I never knew western style before.

  5. may

    we the Filipino’s depend if we use spoon and fork coz we know how to use spoon and fork…’s very easy as 123,abc….sometimes we use our hands to eat than spoon and fork….

  6. thanx

    amused shut the f*** up if u dont need to learn it…i personally know how to use the utensils very well, but i believe this article is very useful for the ones who dont…

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