How to drink and open from a newly packed fruit juice?

To enjoy a good fruit juice daily leads to good health it seems, apparently. And I had to thank Tuck Loong for voluntarily helping me through this guide. Unlike the old days where juice cartons are packed in a way where consumption is hard and we need to go through a lot of hassle and trouble. But there comes a new way of drinking it these recent year with a new way of packaging.

Of course at first we will have to purchase any of these fruit juice at our favourite superstores. And the very first thing we will have to check is the expiry date. Make sure it is safe to drink and at least best before 3 month of expiry.

First we will have to open the cap, and in case you found out the cap’s safety lid has been taken off, inform the person in charge of the store to replace it for you, or do not purchase it. This happens a lot where there are bad people drinks from it without paying and leave the half opened carton there for sale.

And we will also have to peel off this safety lid.

And once we’re done,  rejoice! and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “How to drink and open from a newly packed fruit juice?

  1. Todd

    very informative, thanks. Previously i used to jab holes into my carton with knives and forks, then hold the carton above my head and try and get it in that way. But i would always have to wear rain jackets whenever i wanted to drink juice, so i stopped drinking juice about 3 years ago… But thanks to this tutorial i can once again enjoy the pleasures of juice! Props.

  2. ManMeng Post author

    thanks a lot for the compliement. 😀
    well, it has always been a problem for us to drink with carton drinks aint it 😛
    Somehow innovation has made our life easier (or the other way roun), and this really help to make things easier for us.

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