How to post/deliver an item using POSLAJU?

Sometimes I have wondered how could you deliver your beloved item to someone from far far away in this world? I will share with you my wonderful experience on using our very own postage service, Pos Laju, that we *cough* proud *cough*.

Of course, we will have to get ready our package and, pack it nicely. For your information, they only accept packages that is wrapped in white papers, in a good manner. means, no fancy wrapping paper else you’ll get your package rejected. Then you’ll have to queue up inside the post office near you.

Upon your turn, you can first greet the staff and then say you’ll need to deliver using PosLaju, and he’ll ask you to fill in this sacred form to identify your receiver and sender. You can move yourself to the side of the post office so that other people behind you can proceed with their transaction.

It’s crucial to write the details clearly especially the phone numbers. Just in case. And yes, there’s an indication of what kind of package you are sending before signing, for me, it’s a gift, so i wrote “Cenderahati”. Literally means gift in Bahasa Melayu.

So, when you’re done with filling up the form, kindly return both the form and give your package to the staff to estimate the final price you will have to pay for the shipping.

Definitely, of course you will have to prepare sufficient amount of money to make the payment. And you will given the receipt upon paymen. Please note that you can “track” the packageĀ  at Pos Malaysia website based on the numbers at the top of the paper, which usually stars with ED 123456789 MY.

13 thoughts on “How to post/deliver an item using POSLAJU?

    1. riyadh

      nop, not really.. ape2 jenis kertas blh… kertas coklat kaa, newspaper kee.., kertas putih kee..

  1. nur

    kalau guna pos laju brapa lama boleh smpi…sbb bungkusan saya xsmpi w/pun dh 4 hari.apa kes?

    1. riyadh

      if let say pos today by 6, inshaaallah by 2mrrw sampai.. excpt if pos on Saturday, Monday bru smpai.. sunday depa x send.

    1. riyadh

      depends on certain place. ade kene mintak kat counter n ade blh amek kat kotak yg disediakan..

  2. Anne

    Do they give you the price list for every kg??? i mean, different areas pos laju office always have different prices right?

    1. riyadh

      nop, but u can check at d poslaju website.. they got calculator thre.. I dun think diffrnt place diffrnt price.. all d same..

  3. inthezrione

    Thanks for sharing. But I am confused as to when the poslaju envelope comes in? Is that necessary and must we pay for that in addition to the price of shipping the parcel based on weight?

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