How to enter safe mode in Windows XP?

The magical F8 key, tt has been around since Windows 95 to serve humanity in problem diagnostic.

And here I would like to share with you this neat tips.

Upon startup of your computer, when your computer checks harddisk, ram and so forth, which before the Windows blue loading bar comes in. (Screenshot might appear different from your computer). Keep on repeatly press F8, yes, spam it 😀

And if succesful, you will be prompt with a black and white (dos) selection menu on what you want to do. You can choose Safe Mode, and use the System Restore Manager to help in fixing your computer. Wait patiently while it loads.

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And to double confirm that you are in the correct mode, you will notice that in safe mode, most of the drivers will be neglected, running everything at default setting, and at every corner of the screen will display the “Safe mode” note.  Enjoy

One thought on “How to enter safe mode in Windows XP?

  1. K

    Thanks for the above tips. Even if it seemed as though easy, I will never ever touch anything in my keypad, my mouse and click “del” button. Ive learned my lesson, I am not a very techie person, sad to say. Happy New Year, btw.

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