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How to enjoy a new pack of Prune?

There are many times in our life that we can’t get ourselves out from the hectic schedule, which is stressful. And that does sometimes causes a lot of health side effects to us such as constipation. But of course, there are fast solution to it, the prunes does it well, and really well. Here i’ll share with you on how to enjoy from a box/pack or prune?

First from any of your local superstores, you can purchase this at a decent price i guess.

And  you will first have to remove the lid protector.

Followed by the cover.

And also the cover inside.

Of course finally, enjoy!

How to post/deliver an item using POSLAJU?

Sometimes I have wondered how could you deliver your beloved item to someone from far far away in this world? I will share with you my wonderful experience on using our very own postage service, Pos Laju, that we *cough* proud *cough*.

Of course, we will have to get ready our package and, pack it nicely. For your information, they only accept packages that is wrapped in white papers, in a good manner. means, no fancy wrapping paper else you’ll get your package rejected. Then you’ll have to queue up inside the post office near you.

Upon your turn, you can first greet the staff and then say you’ll need to deliver using PosLaju, and he’ll ask you to fill in this sacred form to identify your receiver and sender. You can move yourself to the side of the post office so that other people behind you can proceed with their transaction.

It’s crucial to write the details clearly especially the phone numbers. Just in case. And yes, there’s an indication of what kind of package you are sending before signing, for me, it’s a gift, so i wrote “Cenderahati”. Literally means gift in Bahasa Melayu.

So, when you’re done with filling up the form, kindly return both the form and give your package to the staff to estimate the final price you will have to pay for the shipping.

Definitely, of course you will have to prepare sufficient amount of money to make the payment. And you will given the receipt upon paymen. Please note that you can “track” the package  at Pos Malaysia website based on the numbers at the top of the paper, which usually stars with ED 123456789 MY.

How to go to Amcorp Mall?

There is one ever mysterious place you’ll go, Amcorp Mall would be one since I never knew this building existed until last year. Shame on me, but nevertheless, there’s one really exciting Korean shop inside that serves you affordable and yummy food. Really.

As usual, you will have to use the Malaysia’s Kuala Lumpur Federal Highway to reach the destination. It would be easiest for me to identify where you can turn in. Andas usual, you will spot these few landmarks before reaching the junction/overhead bridge to turn in.

As soon you notice the huge yellowish building on your right (you are driving towards to the KL city), you will note that there is one overhead bridge (a narrow one) to go up. Drive slowly at this point.

As soon you reach the traffic light, make a right turn.

And you’ll have to drive straight to reach another traffic light, make a right turn again.

With the Amcorp Mall visible to your bare eye, you can rest assure right in front of you, to make a last right turn.

As soon you made the turn, you can choose to park your car on the open car park or the closed parking system.

Press the machine’s button for ticket, and enjoy. Find a nice parking space.

And make payment upon leaving the parking. NOT INSIDE the autopay machine. Enjoy!

How to enter safe mode in Windows XP?

The magical F8 key, tt has been around since Windows 95 to serve humanity in problem diagnostic.

And here I would like to share with you this neat tips.

Upon startup of your computer, when your computer checks harddisk, ram and so forth, which before the Windows blue loading bar comes in. (Screenshot might appear different from your computer). Keep on repeatly press F8, yes, spam it 😀

And if succesful, you will be prompt with a black and white (dos) selection menu on what you want to do. You can choose Safe Mode, and use the System Restore Manager to help in fixing your computer. Wait patiently while it loads.

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And to double confirm that you are in the correct mode, you will notice that in safe mode, most of the drivers will be neglected, running everything at default setting, and at every corner of the screen will display the “Safe mode” note.  Enjoy

How to go to Sec 14 Digital Mall at P.J.?

It’s been a while since there is any digital eletronics/hardware shop worthy of mention to visit after Lowyat Plaza. But since it’s a mystery to everyone on where it’s located, I’m glad that through some pointers from forumers, I reached there. And here I would like to share the direction with you.

You can reach the Sec14’s Digital Mall through Federal Highway. Actually as informed, it’s the same old building where the old Metrojaya located. Well, no one knows. We’re here to explore.

By reaching near the overhead bridge where you can see Hilton PJ on your right side. (Note that the direction you are heading to Kuala Lumpur). Make a turn to the left near the traffic light junction.

After making the turn on right, head up straight on the road, and until you reach a junction where there is a traffic light. Make a right turn. And then drive straight toward, you’ll pass over a bridge. And then you’ll notice there is one big blue building on your left side. Make a slow turn inside.

As you slowly drives toward the junction, you’ll see a huge flat screen hanging on the wall at your right side, and that is…the DIGITAL MALL! Hoo-ray!

p.s. – please inform me of broken image link, having a great downtime in my place.