How to prepare green tea to drink at Genki Sushi?

I guess most of us likes Japanese food, some of us doesn’t. But with my recent trip to Genki Sushi, which is a local Japanese Sushi stall you can find on any big shopping centre around Malaysia, you can order your dish or drinks like Sake, but what if you wanted to just have Green Tea? Here’s a quick guide to it. Have fun.

Of course upon sitting down on the seat, you’ll be asked by the waiter if you want a different drink, and on the table itself, there is one black rounded, cylinder, which has green tea’s powder inside. And you will be given a cup.

And using the wooden stick, you can put in 1 1/2 tablespoon or suit your need. Beware not to put in too much of powder or else it will taste awful.

Next, by placing the green tea container in it’s place, you can no safely locate the place where you can fill in hot water from the taps. Careful, it’s hot water.

Beware not to hurt yourself with the water, and to draw water from the tap, simply place the cup on it’s position and push it inside forcing the water to come out. And there you have it, a hot boiled green tea. Enjoy.