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Top 10 Post for the month of November 2006

Regards there my friends,

Hope that you’ve been having a great time around. As usual here i’ll present with you the hottest tips for the past month. And there’s been new addition since the last time you came. Enjoy your stay here ya.

How to use key to open a door? 380
How to make a paper plane? 322
How to chat without installing software 152
How to style your hair with wax?(male) 34
How to apply thermal paste to your AMD A 29
How to wash cloth 14

Instant Classic
What’s instant classic? Choosen every month, there will be 3 article from the past/archive will be featured here due to popularity in the past reflecting new users with interesting content they may never have seen before.

How to use imageshack to store your photos?

As i promised, i would first like to share with you my fruitful experience after such many rounds of disappoinment in finding the correct host for my oneduasan tutorial pictures, and finally I got one (hopefully it will last forever). It’s ImageShack that shed the light to me. Previously I heard quite a lot of bad PR about them, and i guess they’ve been mostly misunderstood by instead of which the .com looks more like a scam to me :). Well enough ranting, here it is I’m gratefully want to share with you the power of easy image sharing.

We’ll begin by pointing our browser to ImageShack‘s site. Note that it’s .us not .com. And when we arrive at the mainpage, we’ll head straight away to installing the toolbar where uploading/sharing picture is as easy as a rightclick-upload-done.

By selecting on one of the option, which at the moment i’m using the Internet Explorer’s toolbar which also supports right-click on any of the file inside your computer allowing you to upload straight away. Choose the location you want to save the file, temporarily, i chose Desktop.

Wait patiently as it downloads. Get some drink.

As we’re done, we’ll go through a pretty brief installation screen thats really fast, and once you’re done installing, you can use it right away though. And they’ll popup a window directing to imageshack’s site indicating the installation has succeded.

How easy is it now to upload and share a picture you ask? Find any picture that is inside your computer and right click. Select Upload Image to Imageshack. And then there’ll be a progress bar indicating it’s uploading the picture from your computer to their server. Tick tock tick tock…time passes by…

And you’re done! I was stunned at first though, as effortless it may seem, sometimes a choky connection may seem will drive you crazy, so it’s best to stay cool with a cup of water if you know you have an ‘interesting’ downtime connection. I’m in no way affilliated with Imageshack but I’m just liking the way it is. So go on and start spreading the love! Enjoy!

How to save youtube videos

Not so long ago (i hope), i’ve said about saving files from online video host (flash) to your computer? Did I? I hope the sharing this time will benefit all of us, for educational purpose most of the time. And I guess with this tips I hope it would really ease up a lot of pain in finding research resources probably.

Please be noted that this tutorial might be applied to other online video hosting site such as Google Video. For now we’ll be using YouTube. A little bit of disclaimer to save my a** from trouble lol : I’m sharing this for educational purpose and hope you guys would benefit in a way that you won’t use it for commercial purpose by selling or doing illegal thing with it.

First, we’ll point our browser to our favourite Youtube. And we’ll have to find the video that you wish to keep.

After choosing a video that you decided to keep, right click on the address bar and copy the entire address of where the video located.

And we’ll then head to a magical website namely KeepVid which will do the rest of the magic for you. What we’ll have to do here is to right click on the input box and paste the copied URL into it. Click on DOWNLOAD to proceed.

Soon there will be an additional box appearing below, and informing you that the video is ready for download. Right click on the link and select Save Link As, and start to anticipate :D. For your information, you can always view FLV files using VLC player or any well known Flash Video Player, such as RIVA FLV Player which i really like. Enjoy!