How to stick your CD Label to your CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW?

Have you ever wonder how easily you could solve your CD Label sticking problem? Instead of going through painful hours of sticking the labels onto your CDRs everytime, here’s a guide in using a tool that costs you less than RM20 (Have to recheck) to ease your eternal pain.

First of all, we need the CD Labels printed on a paper which is catered for cd labelling stickers. And the tool. I had no idea what it’s called, and yes it looks funny, but looks can be deceiving.

First, by taking off the CD Label from the paper, put it facing downward (the sticky part facing upward) onto the tool.

Followed by the CDR that you want to label.

Next, you should gently hold onto the middle of the CDR and push it downward to allow the sticker to stick onto the CDR.

And Taa-Daa…Here you have a magical sticked-on-the-center-of-the-CDR. Thanks Zanoradiel for helping out.

3 thoughts on “How to stick your CD Label to your CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW?

  1. K

    And you really need someone help to press the CD so that the sticker can stick flawlessly unto the CDR? Hahaha. It reminds me I need some of those CDR for my mp3’s. Quite interesting.

  2. Nicevil

    You don’t know the name of that tool ?

    It’s the new “label-cd-tits-edition.”

    One thing about that method.

    Wouldn’t your fingers scratch the cd, causing permanent damage that will fuck your brains the rest of your life ?

    I suggest wearing thin gloves when you want to label your cd.

    It looks so much more professional too. 🙂

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