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How to stick your CD Label to your CD-R/CD-RW/DVD-R/DVD-RW?

Have you ever wonder how easily you could solve your CD Label sticking problem? Instead of going through painful hours of sticking the labels onto your CDRs everytime, here’s a guide in using a tool that costs you less than RM20 (Have to recheck) to ease your eternal pain.

First of all, we need the CD Labels printed on a paper which is catered for cd labelling stickers. And the tool. I had no idea what it’s called, and yes it looks funny, but looks can be deceiving.

First, by taking off the CD Label from the paper, put it facing downward (the sticky part facing upward) onto the tool.

Followed by the CDR that you want to label.

Next, you should gently hold onto the middle of the CDR and push it downward to allow the sticker to stick onto the CDR.

And Taa-Daa…Here you have a magical sticked-on-the-center-of-the-CDR. Thanks Zanoradiel for helping out.

How to pay for your petrol using credit card?

Hello everyone, and I was travelling the other day, I guess I can share with you my experience on using my AMBANK NEXTG prepaid credit card to pay my expense on car petrol. It’s applicable to Shell station, not sure to other stations though. And yes, this applicable to other credit cards, the major ones.

As usual, before pumping petrol at any petrol station, you’ll have to make sure the lid are open, engine stopped and no mobile phone conversation though. If you would like to know more on how to open the car’s petrol pump lid, refer to this post on how to fill petrol for your car.

First, by the side of your car and the petrol pump you will have this machine which you are able to use your credit card to pay for the bill.

Next, we’ll slot in the card with the front of the card facingleft (as per picture shown), and slowly slide it in. (If you do have any ‘rewards’ card such as Bonuslink, do slide the card before your credit card). Make sure it’s properly fitted in fully.

And as you slot the card into the machine, on the screen will have the indication that it is checking for your card’s validity. Do not worry, everything is safe here.  As the screen notify you to remove the card, you can now feel free to take back your credit card from the machine.

And now be happy, and star filling up to the amount you desired.

It’s always best to estimate on how much petrol you need for your car so that you will not end up paying too much for the amount you doesn’t need. As you finish filling up the petrol, kindly place back the nozel at it’s place.

The machine will then automatically generate a receipt of your transaction. Keep it for future reference and enjoy!

How to cross the road in Malaysia (small)

Here this is a rather brief guide on how you can have a brief idea of how Malaysia’s pedestrians crossed the roads usually. Do keep in mind, yes we have rather ‘mindless’ traffics sometimes. This is for small roads among the neighbourhoods. Do be alert and cautious all the time because you have to keep in mind there’s traffic coming from both side. And a strong disclaimer here, FOR THE UNDERAGED, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TRY THIS WITHOUT GUARDIAN WITH YOU, and also, i take absolutely no responsibility on what may happened, this is solely informational based and server the purpose of informing and not directing

For now, we’ll have to cross this road over the otherside. As we aware, there are cars coming towards us all the time. As the car passes after you…

Take this opportunity, which there are more than 100metre of distance or more between you and the incoming, cross half of the road and get ready in the middle of the road. Look twice, thrice or even more times to check if there’s incoming car from front and back of you. Always be alert and cautious. Please.

And as per previous step, once you notice there’s a really big gap/distance in between you and the incoming car, feel free to cross the remaining half of the road, do refrain from running because it might increase the chance of the person getting tripped and fall down into the ground.

And here now we are, we’ve successfully completed this mission. Congratulations. Safety first. Love yourself.