How to use the toilet bowl (male)?

I guess toilet are part of our daily lives and we can’t avoid from using it, here will be a guide which we can use the toilet bowl for our pleasure.

This is the general toilet bowl available on most household in Malaysia. Yours might be different from mine slightly.

With the lid closed, slowly life up the lid and place it to lie towards the water tank.

To ensure hygiene is always in place, it’s best to always make sure identify the correct spot at all time in using the toilet bowl.

And when you’ve done dealing with passing down the waters inside the toilet bowl. And if it’s necessary, do reach out for nearby tissues to wipe off the stains left on the bowl after cleaned with water from the tap. This way, it will be best for everyone and harmonious among the people in the house to share the toilet.

When the necessary steps are completed, the final steps are to flush away the extras into the drain by pulling down the lever which is always available nearby the toilet bowl/water tank. Please be wary that this option will appear to be different from various places, which some of the water flush will perform automatically. (In hotels or supermarkets usually)

By completing the tasks. We can now rest assured that we can again now close the lid before leaving the toilet. Enjoy and have a nice day.
And yes…please do wash your hand before leaving the washroom. (Thanks K! Hahaha)

11 thoughts on “How to use the toilet bowl (male)?

  1. K

    Well of course, I’m a toilet trained. Never ever leave the toilet without washing your hands esp when you’re using the public’s loo. Or better yet, bring an alco-gels. 😆

    Somehow, I got paranoid when HK was hit by the deadly SARS.

  2. Nicevil

    Are you insulting all your readers intelligence…. and wasting your time taking pictures and writing tutorials for things that aren’t needed ?

    Are these stupid how-to’s mere pathetic attempts to fill in the number of postings ?

    Write a worthy how-to. If you know how. 🙂

    1. rob

      these how to’s are not that stupid because of the number of dumb asses in the world that don’t know how to do simple things correctly. forgive me for having common sense and not like alot of people

  3. ManMeng Post author

    hahahaaha, wuds up there dude,
    i think probably you kinda misunderstood the overall idea behind the every single post here. If it offended you, i’m here to say sorry, but if you look closely, i felt that we’re sometimes suprised by there are things that is too easy to be neglected, for me, honestly, i have no idea how to put up a necktie until i’m 15? maybe because it’s for an occasion and i rarely use it during my highschools at all. And that was even taught by my friend, cause my family ain’t using it at all.

    But while some post are in fact useful, but of course being a useful one i guess its not enough, and i’m not trying to ‘steal fame’ big major how-to site, we have that already, so i wouldn’t do that 🙂 what i rather to spend time to tickle some humour post though, well, if you get what i mean. Probably my type of joke doesn’t fit you :O.

    Anyway, I’d hope you’ll enjoy your stay here ya. Good day my friend.

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