How to switch on your Playstation 2

The almighty toy that i’ve recently acquired. I was so happy that I couldn’t get a good sleep from it. Hope this guide will help you.

First upon making sure the setup of your console is done with the wall plug are plugged in, and the wall switch are switched on.

First, we’ll press on the EJECT button which is located left of the Playstation logo, and this will opens up the console’s tray. For you to place in your favourite game.

Next, place in your games DVD with the labels facing up (important!). And make sure the DVD are properly fit in so it wont spoils the console’s lens. By making sure you’re holding properly on the edge of the disc, you’ll also avoid damaging the disc as well.

Firmly close the lid.

Patiently switch on the ‘ON’ button which is located far right on the playstation logo. With it’s current ‘standby mode’ which the LED is in RED, it will soon switch to GREEN indicating it’s running.

And then you’ll soon be greeted with the welcome message, and when the game loads…


And oh, before that, to switch off the console, kindly hold onto the power button/switch for 3 seconds. Enjoy!