How to plug the PS2 memory card into PS2?

Hi there everyone, been glad since I’ve been able to get back into the console fun after so long. Got myself a PS2 not too long ago. And so here I would like to share with you one very crucial information on plugging your memory card into your beloved PS2.

First you’ll have to purchase memory cards from your favourite game store which i’d find PlayAsia selling it at a very reasonable price. Less than 15usd to be exact. I’m suprised for a 8mb memory card which charged me almost 70ringgit. I’m so sad. And yes, there’s even a higher capacity available. (64mb, that’s really a lot!)

Then, upon unpacking, make sure your console is switched off, then locate the front panel which has the hole for your joypads as well. And you will see on top of the joypad’s inserts, there’s MEMORY CARD written/engraved onto the ‘door’.

Firmly hold onto the back of the memory card and the console, push the memory card into the slot.

See, no cow strength needed. And it’s now fixed into it. Double check if it’s fitted properly before switching on your console. Enjoy!