How to plug in Dualshock joypad to PS2

I’d hope that everyone would be happy owning a console as great as this one. I did, and so here I would like to share with you my experience plugging in the joypad into the console.

First you’ll need to have a controller, which normally bundled with the entire console when you purchase it, at least one will be included.

Inspect on the end of the controller’s plug to see if it’s faulty or not on the wiring. Hold onto the adapter and make sure the arrow is facing towards you (on top).

Next, locate the joystick’s adapter slot in front of the console.

Firmly pressed the adapter into the slot while the other hand holding onto the console, make sure no excessive force are used.

And you’re ready to play! Whenever you have any games that supports the analog stick, the led below the ‘ANALOG’ word will lits up. Enjoy.

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  1. zen

    F*** YOU you think people who bought a 200 dollar system would know how to plug a controller in you f***ing retard.

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