How to connect Playstation 2 to your CRT/LCD Monitor?

Like me, being living outside of my hometown, I only have a personal computer with me, and it would be an extra burden to purchase an additional television for the sake of console entertainment at house. And so i’ve decided to find an option to connect my Playstation 2 to my monitor. It’s so advance now that most of the high-end LCD monitors provides direct input into the panel without going through another additional hardware. Here will be a brief guide on how you can play your Playstation 2 Games on your CRT monitors.

Of course we will need both the console and a monitor for this to work.

And the extra ingredient would be this tool called the VGA BOX. This hardware retails around your  favourite game shops from RM140 up to RM250. The price usually varies from different brand due to features and quality. I had mine for RM140, not too shabby. I get for what i paid, wish I had a tv.

The package comes with the cable where you can retrieves output from your console and then go through the VGA box and transfers the signal to your monitor. Note there are 5 plugs into your VGA Box from the Playstation, the 3 plugs in a wire are for displays while the latter are for audio, both left and right channel.

By making sure every plugs and cable is in it’s place. And of course the  switch is turned on, you can then test  if the VGA box is working.

As you switch on your Playstation, please make sure you also switch on your monitor’s power. Locate the ‘display’ switch which is on the VGA box that you will be able to switch to different output on-the-fly, either the console or your CPU. Enjoy!

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  1. ManMeng Post author

    hi there john,

    yeah, malaysian here, how do you do? the vga box i bought from sunway pyramid. But please bear in mind the quality is monstrously terrible.

    1. Stanly

      Hey this is Stanly.I am From India. and can u tell me that how can i connect my ps2 to my pc monitor(Samsun B2330h-23″ inch) and it has a VGA cable input a HDMI port And a Dvi port and it has no audio video ports so how can I connect it??? i am not getting this VGA box anywhere here please tell me another way…..i am in a damn need and i hate to play my console on that Old TV cuz the colors don’t look that gud as it looks on a LCD…pls reply as quickly as u can…….(^-^)

  2. needlezy

    great tutorial. in fact, this is the only appropriate tutorial that I’ve found so far… anyway, I am wondering about how does this monstrously terrible quality look like… Would you mind posting some pics of your ps2 running on it?

    and, is it really possible to hook up a ps2 to a laptop monitor instead of usual crt/lcd monitor? Just askin..

    Thanks in advance.

  3. turnmoil

    hi there

    what inch the monitor you`re using? is it 17″?

    i heard that big crt monitor cannot be used.. true?

    i`m blur

  4. ManMeng Post author

    yeap, i’m using the samsung 753dfx which is 17 inch crt monitor, haven’t tried it on bigger monitor screen, shouldn’t be a problem i guess

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  9. ITMT

    When you connect Playstation 2 to your CRT, I wonder the qualitys image on CRT Monitor is good like Television

  10. satyanjoy

    I have use external TV tunner card box(frontech) for this job..It cost me 1000(INR).I can watched TV also on my monitor,but you can’t simultaneously use the monitor for gaming n have unplugged the VBA plug from tunner to the CPU..

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  12. George

    i have one great tutorial connect PS2 with pc monitor with out VGA.

    1. TV Tuner Card (well .. of course this is the most important peripheral before anything else) 😛 .. and here’s what it looks like if you connect the ps2 video output to your tv tuner input (the yellow cable) :

    2. Soundcard … <= to record audio of course but im 100% sure your computer already has a soundcard even if it’s an onboard soundcard

    3. Y-Connector (image below) or similar connector to connect your ps2 audio output to your soundcard (recommended) or tv card

    Software :

    Im using DScaler 4 and you can get it from here (Open Source / Freeware) .. <= small file size, and recommended
    but you can also use other software such as Media Portal (Open Source / Freeware) if your card supported or choose a commercial software

  13. venkat

    i have on internal frontech tv tuner card , its possible for output connect to tv( with out moniter)

  14. shelmilkitmu

    you don’t need to buy shit expensive VGA box for thousand ringgit.itt’s just waste of ur money.Just make it by ur own by using VGA male connector and sony component video multi AV cable.u just need to knw the pinout diagram of VGA port n hook it up with ps2 video component cable.

    SAVE the money!

  15. Traveler

    The sony component video multi AV cable?

    Where I can get that? In any store? And What do you mean by the “pinout diagram of VGA port?”

    Thanks in advance

  16. shaw

    i c a black screen with a message on in that says “out of Timing ” when im trying to connect my PS2 via a VGA box. does anybody know why?

  17. Agennt Smith

    Hi to all!
    I wanna buy a PS2. I have an LCD Monitor, not CRT. Can be the PS2 connected to it? or I need a TV?

  18. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there,

    shaw : try check your monitor’s refresh rate. try to experiment around to get best result

    agent smith : yes, but its best that you use a tv to play, i tried it on my crt, looks terribly bad compared to tv. if i remember correectly theres a cable to convert ps2 cable to dvi for your lcd monitor. But still, the best is still using tv


  19. leon

    I was trying to do the same thing but I tried using a gold plated 6ft vga/hd15/rgb to rca component for tv/hdtv cable, would this work…..

  20. Jota


    well i have an HP Touch Smart Compurt, it has Windows Media Centre, meaning i can watch TV in my computer, but I also wanto connect my ps2 to use my computer as a TV since is HD but i don’t know how… If any body knows how to make this work please tell me I will gfreatly appreciate it… and also, I have an LCD 15″, and just in case i i try to connect my ps2 onto that… how exacly do i connect my speakers onto it for sound?


  21. Gihan

    Hi My PS2 output cables only has 2 audio outputs and one video output. But according to the tutorial there 5 outputs all together.
    Can i still connect my PS2 with only one VGA output?
    What is the name of the PS2 cable that has 5 output wires?

    ThanX in advance.


  22. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there Gihan,

    The one that you said is the usual 3 cable output that is known as the S-video cable with the white/red audio cable.

    the one i used is the (forgot the name) something like…CmYG (sorry forgot the actual name lol)

    You can connect directly using the yellow cable (s-video) and vga output but you will only have picture coming out from your monitor, but not sound. Sorry about distracted today, will try to find a better answer for you.


  23. VL


    You have the standard composite video (yellow) + 2 audio (red + white) RCA jacks. The 5 RCA jacks pictured here are component video (YPbPr – red, green + blue) + 2 audio (red + white).

    Sony still makes the “Component AV Cable” (as it’s called) for the PS2/3. I recently got one for ~$20 Cdn. This cable will not work with the PS1.


    You need to have a TV Tuner card on your PC to connect your PS2 to it. But I have had some bad experiences with this method. The biggest issue I have is lag time of data transferred from the PS2 to computer to monitor. Ranging between 3-5 seconds worth and makes it useless for gaming.

    To connect a PS2 directly to an LCD computer monitor, you will require a component (YPbPr/YCbCr digital signal) to VGA (RGB/RGBHV analog signal) transcoder/converter. There is no other way around this. The digital and analog signals are incompatible with each other. That is unless you know for sure your monitor can take YPbPr or YCbCr signals (such as data/home theatre projectors).

  24. Wasim

    Can I get the one showed here online?

    Because all here available are very costly.

    What is RM?

  25. ManMeng Post author

    Hi there Wasim,

    Where you are from? I’m pretty sure you will be able to find a decent one from which is a far more superior quality from the crappy one i bought.

    RM = Ringgit Malaysia, the official currency for Malaysia.

  26. Wasim

    I went mad searching for the best solution to hook my PS2 up to my LCD monitor using component av cables and I can make a conclusion based on all my hard work behind it.
    Don’t go for cheap VGA boxes, you will compromise with quality. If you want to make one-time investment and want to have the best one, simply go for the XCM Mega Cool VGA Box from team xcm.
    I am sure, you won’t regret.
    The cheapest is available over here:

  27. venkatpavan N

    can u plz tell me wat is the cost of VGA box.In ebay it is toooo costly(Rs.2100 INR).please help me..thnx in advance.:-) l

    1. ManMeng Post author

      Hi there,

      It’s approximately 45USD if I’m not mistaken. Well, at this price the quality is still pretty bad. Unfortunately, there isn’t any decent one to be found in this grey area, which most of the manufacturer dished out mediocre or simply bad vga box.


  28. Wasim

    A good VGA box is going to cost you more than that. It’s a one time investment which will be the best for your PS3 too if you don’t have an HDTV.

  29. Wasim

    A good VGA box is going to cost you more than that. It’s a one time investment which will be the best for your PS3 too if you don’t have an HDTV.

  30. Adnan

    Hi guys ,Adnan here .well i hav ea pc tv device from Sunwin and when i plug it to my lcd monitor .it says Input not Supported .i have Ati Radeon 9550
    my lcd monitor is
    HP W17E Wide LCD monitor .Plaese Help
    And can u tell me how to plug my ps2 to this monitor? PLEASE I WANT HELP WITH THIS ONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! I BEG YOU ALL!

  31. RIFAIZ


  32. Waseem Maroofi

    If anybody wants a VGA box, I have two of them, one is XCM Mega Cool VGA Box and the other is HDBOX Pro. Both are of top quality and I Have them in almost new condition. I can list them on ebay if anybody wants to buy. These are very effective in using with LCD Monitors to play PS2 or PS3. I want to sell them because I have bought a monitor having HDMI, Component inputs, which were not present in my previous monitor being the reason I got these VGA boxes. Now they are of no use to me and I have hardly used them. Please feel free to contact me at

  33. Stanly

    But they are very costly can you please tell me sites from which i can buy a cheap Vga to Tv(Audio Video) Cable…..

  34. Stanly

    But they are very costly can you please tell me sites from which i can buy a cheap Vga to Tv(Audio Video) Cable…..

  35. How to buy a computer

    I will immediately seize your rss feed as I can’t in finding your e-mail subscription hyperlink or e-newsletter service. Do you have any? Please permit me know in order that I may subscribe. Thanks.

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    1. Wasim Maroofi

      I amwo having an xcm mega cool vga box and hd box pro, they are both in almost new condition. I have hardly used them because just after I bought them, I got a ps3 and hence I dont play too much on my ps2 now. I can list them on ebay if you are interested in buying.:)

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