How to send big file to other people

With the filesizes of programs and attachment getting bigger these days, we all had problems to figuring out problem to send out attachments to our beloved or friends. Right? Even Gmail limits attachments to 10mb only. But afraid not, here I’ll compile a list of most used file-upload server for your conviniences. But do let me know in case you have another site that offers a better service or similar! šŸ˜€


It’s not one of my favourite or cup of tea but this is one of the good looking one instead. Despite being a big hassle to go through at least 3-4 clicks to send a file. I found that this would be best as the last resort if you have no other filesending site accessbile, and even they would charge you an amount of money for a larger attachment. Interesting? I don’t really buy the idea of good graphic/bad service :D.

YouSendIt (I’m not a spokeperson or whatever representative, i’m speaking on behalf of my personal opinion, the honest one)
Well this would be far right my best choice for all so far and it’s been serving me well until now. Especially when I have to get into sending a file straight away within a minute, without the hassle going through loading a bunch of adwares or spam messages. But of course what’s a plus here is that you get to review the percentage uploaded file, on how much is uploaded and the total file size. Neat.

Preferred as one of the option by majority of gamers, I’m not having a grudge or against anything of this site but certainly what turns me off is probably the advertising (Yes, i’d know they needs that for server maintainence). But then this is also another good choice i would opt for sending my files over the internet, big files.


Last but not least, megaupload which In my most honest opinion, would also be the last resort I would opt for sending files due to the complexity and placement of the interface which sometimes the ads are hiding the navigations for me to upload files. But probably what really projects a negative unwelcoming feeling despite it’s ‘look’ of being ‘cool and trendy’, it’s because of the size of the page is not speedy enough, and you can see from the scrollbar from the right. But still, this is also one of the option you can opt to.Ā  Enjoy.

So if you have any suggestions or links that you think can help, let me know i’ll add yours in crediting you for the source. Thanks again and enjoy.

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  1. Ashok is indeed really useful, found it useful every since you told me abt it, while rapidshare is rather a blood sucking shit, hahahaha freaking ads..

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