How to prepare instant noodle (II)?

In this guide I will share with you some quick guide in preparing an instant noodle from Korea that I bought from the shopping mall recently. Which I guess is not that hard. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

With this imported from Korea itself, which some of the flavours are KimChi, do expect it’ll cost a lot more than the usual instant cup noodle you’ll eat, this one is around RM2 or more.

Kindly start by opening the package and the lid of the cup.

As you open,you’ll normally have both the seasoning and the fork.

By opening the package of the seasoning, you can now start to pour it into the cup, the amount you are going to pour is up to personal preferences.

Provided as well inside the package are the foldable plastic fork which you can use to eat the noodle when it is prepared.

To prepare the noodle, you’ll have to first prepare hot water from either a kettle or cooking it. You can learn how to boil water using a kettle.

Next, close the lid and wait for 3 minutes or more for the noodle to be prepared. Enjoy!