How to check your car’s water level (temp)?

Anyone of us that is driving here are quite concerned with our car’s health most of the time, especially when we want to avoid random breakdown caused by oil leakage or overheating. Here I hope these tips would benefit you in checking the car’s water level which I’ll normally do every 1 week due to our tropical climate which is hot on the afternoon.

First you will have to locate the latch to pull that will enable you to open up your engine’s hood, usually in front.

Notice the car icon? with the front car hood open? Pull it and you’ll hear a sound from the front of the car’s hood.

The hood is now ready to be open. You will then have to locate the ‘latch’ which is normally in the middle of the car’s logo, which you will needto pushup on the latch before you can totally pull up the hood. Locate it slowly and be cautious especially when the car’s engine is still hot.
As you locate it with you hand. Hold and push up the latch and then move the hood up.
You will now see the engine. Be sure not to touch any of the compartment when it’s hot or engine is running.

While with one hand holding down on the hood, you will need to take the holder to hold down the hood from closing, be really careful as you hold with one hand because the hood is really heavy.

Locate a hole below the hood so that you can attach the holder to stand and pushup the hood from closing. You can now rest assue to check the water level. Make sure the engine is turned off.

Note that DO NOT touch or try to open the cover no matter what when it is hot or the engine has just turned off. Wait until it is cooled down.

By twisting the cap counter-clockwise slowly, you will then able to take away the cap.

Be sure to place the cap somewhere safe so it will not drop inside the engine.

As you can see, this is the radiator that is filled with water to keep your car cooled all the time. Whenever there is a routine checking done, you can rest assure that your car will perform on it’s best and chances to avoid from breakdown is higher than ever. Be sure only fill it in with WATER. Not other thing else which is harmful.

Soon as you completed, hold the hood with one of your hand, and put back the holder on it’s place. And finally, make sure the hood is closed and locked properly. Enjoy!

9 thoughts on “How to check your car’s water level (temp)?

  1. cArl gash

    Thank you for taking the time to issue a detailed by and by description of doing this.its much appreciated and you have no idea how many people who may have a vague idea but dont know the exact means, and may otherwise be embarassed to ask you thanks for the post.

  2. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there carl,

    No worries and I’m glad that it helped you. Have a good day and I’d share the same feelings when I had no idea what to do at first dealing with car overheating.

    Have a good day and share the love!

  3. Lerato

    What’s the best time to pour water inside the radiator? Before starting the car or after or it doesn’t realy matter?

    1. ManMeng Post author

      Hi there Lerato,

      Instead of when’s the best time, I would advise when NOT to pour the water inside the radiator, do not pour water inside the radiator 4 hours after the engine ran.


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