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Top 10 Post for the month of September 2006


I hope everyone is having fun so far. And did I’m also fun with being occupied so much with works 🙁

But no worries, I’m loving this site so much that I will constantly update it whenever I can, and I did it! 😀 So here below is the recap on what’s HOT this September. Enjoy ya.

How to style your hair with wax?(male) 490
How to use a condom? 326
How to chat without installing software 236
How to make a paper plane? 76
How to read manga? 39
How to iron your cloth? 23

How to connect Playstation 2 to your CRT/LCD Monitor?

Like me, being living outside of my hometown, I only have a personal computer with me, and it would be an extra burden to purchase an additional television for the sake of console entertainment at house. And so i’ve decided to find an option to connect my Playstation 2 to my monitor. It’s so advance now that most of the high-end LCD monitors provides direct input into the panel without going through another additional hardware. Here will be a brief guide on how you can play your Playstation 2 Games on your CRT monitors.

Of course we will need both the console and a monitor for this to work.

And the extra ingredient would be this tool called the VGA BOX. This hardware retails around your  favourite game shops from RM140 up to RM250. The price usually varies from different brand due to features and quality. I had mine for RM140, not too shabby. I get for what i paid, wish I had a tv.

The package comes with the cable where you can retrieves output from your console and then go through the VGA box and transfers the signal to your monitor. Note there are 5 plugs into your VGA Box from the Playstation, the 3 plugs in a wire are for displays while the latter are for audio, both left and right channel.

By making sure every plugs and cable is in it’s place. And of course the  switch is turned on, you can then test  if the VGA box is working.

As you switch on your Playstation, please make sure you also switch on your monitor’s power. Locate the ‘display’ switch which is on the VGA box that you will be able to switch to different output on-the-fly, either the console or your CPU. Enjoy!

How to use the toilet bowl (male)?

I guess toilet are part of our daily lives and we can’t avoid from using it, here will be a guide which we can use the toilet bowl for our pleasure.

This is the general toilet bowl available on most household in Malaysia. Yours might be different from mine slightly.

With the lid closed, slowly life up the lid and place it to lie towards the water tank.

To ensure hygiene is always in place, it’s best to always make sure identify the correct spot at all time in using the toilet bowl.

And when you’ve done dealing with passing down the waters inside the toilet bowl. And if it’s necessary, do reach out for nearby tissues to wipe off the stains left on the bowl after cleaned with water from the tap. This way, it will be best for everyone and harmonious among the people in the house to share the toilet.

When the necessary steps are completed, the final steps are to flush away the extras into the drain by pulling down the lever which is always available nearby the toilet bowl/water tank. Please be wary that this option will appear to be different from various places, which some of the water flush will perform automatically. (In hotels or supermarkets usually)

By completing the tasks. We can now rest assured that we can again now close the lid before leaving the toilet. Enjoy and have a nice day.
And yes…please do wash your hand before leaving the washroom. (Thanks K! Hahaha)

How to use the water tap?

On a daily basis, we are connected to using water in our activities, this applies to bathing, cooking and even drinking. But I’d hope this guide will help us all onusing the water tap.

This is the general water tap, which applies to the rest of the world, looks almost the same.

By turning on the top of the water tap counter-clockwise, we will allow water to flow in for our usage.

And we can also adjust on how much water that can be flowed in from the angle of degrees of the tap we open. Do not worry, as you turn the tap clockwise, the water’s flow will be stopped after you’ve done using it. Enjoy!

How to drink from a milk carton?

Most of us likes milk, some of us don’t, but we do sometimes encounteer problem in tearing the milk carton open just to enjoy the drink (applies to  fruit juice in milk carton right?). Here is a guide which you’ll know on how to open the side of the milk carton and drink from it.

Fresh milk…mmm.

Notice on the left end on the top of the carton? It’s written “Tear here” in Bahasa Malaysia.

It will be easier to face the carton towards yourself.

By applying mild force on both of your hand. Firmly tear open from the side.

And drag the mouth of the top of the carton to open.

Make sure that you’re careful so that no drinks will be spilled from it. Enjoy!

How to switch on your Playstation 2

The almighty toy that i’ve recently acquired. I was so happy that I couldn’t get a good sleep from it. Hope this guide will help you.

First upon making sure the setup of your console is done with the wall plug are plugged in, and the wall switch are switched on.

First, we’ll press on the EJECT button which is located left of the Playstation logo, and this will opens up the console’s tray. For you to place in your favourite game.

Next, place in your games DVD with the labels facing up (important!). And make sure the DVD are properly fit in so it wont spoils the console’s lens. By making sure you’re holding properly on the edge of the disc, you’ll also avoid damaging the disc as well.

Firmly close the lid.

Patiently switch on the ‘ON’ button which is located far right on the playstation logo. With it’s current ‘standby mode’ which the LED is in RED, it will soon switch to GREEN indicating it’s running.

And then you’ll soon be greeted with the welcome message, and when the game loads…


And oh, before that, to switch off the console, kindly hold onto the power button/switch for 3 seconds. Enjoy!

How to plug in Dualshock joypad to PS2

I’d hope that everyone would be happy owning a console as great as this one. I did, and so here I would like to share with you my experience plugging in the joypad into the console.

First you’ll need to have a controller, which normally bundled with the entire console when you purchase it, at least one will be included.

Inspect on the end of the controller’s plug to see if it’s faulty or not on the wiring. Hold onto the adapter and make sure the arrow is facing towards you (on top).

Next, locate the joystick’s adapter slot in front of the console.

Firmly pressed the adapter into the slot while the other hand holding onto the console, make sure no excessive force are used.

And you’re ready to play! Whenever you have any games that supports the analog stick, the led below the ‘ANALOG’ word will lits up. Enjoy.

How to plug the PS2 memory card into PS2?

Hi there everyone, been glad since I’ve been able to get back into the console fun after so long. Got myself a PS2 not too long ago. And so here I would like to share with you one very crucial information on plugging your memory card into your beloved PS2.

First you’ll have to purchase memory cards from your favourite game store which i’d find PlayAsia selling it at a very reasonable price. Less than 15usd to be exact. I’m suprised for a 8mb memory card which charged me almost 70ringgit. I’m so sad. And yes, there’s even a higher capacity available. (64mb, that’s really a lot!)

Then, upon unpacking, make sure your console is switched off, then locate the front panel which has the hole for your joypads as well. And you will see on top of the joypad’s inserts, there’s MEMORY CARD written/engraved onto the ‘door’.

Firmly hold onto the back of the memory card and the console, push the memory card into the slot.

See, no cow strength needed. And it’s now fixed into it. Double check if it’s fitted properly before switching on your console. Enjoy!

How to check your car’s water level (temp)?

Anyone of us that is driving here are quite concerned with our car’s health most of the time, especially when we want to avoid random breakdown caused by oil leakage or overheating. Here I hope these tips would benefit you in checking the car’s water level which I’ll normally do every 1 week due to our tropical climate which is hot on the afternoon.

First you will have to locate the latch to pull that will enable you to open up your engine’s hood, usually in front.

Notice the car icon? with the front car hood open? Pull it and you’ll hear a sound from the front of the car’s hood.

The hood is now ready to be open. You will then have to locate the ‘latch’ which is normally in the middle of the car’s logo, which you will needto pushup on the latch before you can totally pull up the hood. Locate it slowly and be cautious especially when the car’s engine is still hot.
As you locate it with you hand. Hold and push up the latch and then move the hood up.
You will now see the engine. Be sure not to touch any of the compartment when it’s hot or engine is running.

While with one hand holding down on the hood, you will need to take the holder to hold down the hood from closing, be really careful as you hold with one hand because the hood is really heavy.

Locate a hole below the hood so that you can attach the holder to stand and pushup the hood from closing. You can now rest assue to check the water level. Make sure the engine is turned off.

Note that DO NOT touch or try to open the cover no matter what when it is hot or the engine has just turned off. Wait until it is cooled down.

By twisting the cap counter-clockwise slowly, you will then able to take away the cap.

Be sure to place the cap somewhere safe so it will not drop inside the engine.

As you can see, this is the radiator that is filled with water to keep your car cooled all the time. Whenever there is a routine checking done, you can rest assure that your car will perform on it’s best and chances to avoid from breakdown is higher than ever. Be sure only fill it in with WATER. Not other thing else which is harmful.

Soon as you completed, hold the hood with one of your hand, and put back the holder on it’s place. And finally, make sure the hood is closed and locked properly. Enjoy!

How to send big file to other people

With the filesizes of programs and attachment getting bigger these days, we all had problems to figuring out problem to send out attachments to our beloved or friends. Right? Even Gmail limits attachments to 10mb only. But afraid not, here I’ll compile a list of most used file-upload server for your conviniences. But do let me know in case you have another site that offers a better service or similar! 😀


It’s not one of my favourite or cup of tea but this is one of the good looking one instead. Despite being a big hassle to go through at least 3-4 clicks to send a file. I found that this would be best as the last resort if you have no other filesending site accessbile, and even they would charge you an amount of money for a larger attachment. Interesting? I don’t really buy the idea of good graphic/bad service :D.

YouSendIt (I’m not a spokeperson or whatever representative, i’m speaking on behalf of my personal opinion, the honest one)
Well this would be far right my best choice for all so far and it’s been serving me well until now. Especially when I have to get into sending a file straight away within a minute, without the hassle going through loading a bunch of adwares or spam messages. But of course what’s a plus here is that you get to review the percentage uploaded file, on how much is uploaded and the total file size. Neat.

Preferred as one of the option by majority of gamers, I’m not having a grudge or against anything of this site but certainly what turns me off is probably the advertising (Yes, i’d know they needs that for server maintainence). But then this is also another good choice i would opt for sending my files over the internet, big files.


Last but not least, megaupload which In my most honest opinion, would also be the last resort I would opt for sending files due to the complexity and placement of the interface which sometimes the ads are hiding the navigations for me to upload files. But probably what really projects a negative unwelcoming feeling despite it’s ‘look’ of being ‘cool and trendy’, it’s because of the size of the page is not speedy enough, and you can see from the scrollbar from the right. But still, this is also one of the option you can opt to.  Enjoy.

So if you have any suggestions or links that you think can help, let me know i’ll add yours in crediting you for the source. Thanks again and enjoy.