Top 10 Post for the month of August 2006

Hi there again!

Sorry for the lack of updates, been struggling through the past month for a stable connection, and i’ve just moved into a new house! 😀 and of course, new connection, new place. And for the past week, I’ve been travelling across Bangkok, it’s really a nice place to be. But well, I would deserve a spank on the head for missing updates for the past week. But worry not, I have something up my sleeve to share with you guys ^_^. Here now, some teaser on what is hot last month.

How to use a condom? 275
How to style your hair with wax?(male) 235
How to chat without installing software 94
How to wash cloth 40
How to make a paper plane? 25
How to go to Bandar Sri Hartamas/Mont Ki 20

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Post for the month of August 2006

  1. carlo.2

    I don’t know what it is with condoms and why are they so popular. Usign them isn’t that hard a job but I find it amusing that it still tops the list. FYI instructions are found on the cover.

  2. ManMeng Post author

    I guess the reason behind of the popularity is because of the visuals provided? I’d somehow found despite the compact size of the packaging, but it’s still way too small to fit in information where people is able to absorb easily on the usage of the condom, as in pictures/visuals for isntructions?

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