How to clean your spectacles from dirt?

There are still large group of people are wearing spectacles, for either eyesight correction problem or just for styles, but I’d guess it’s also good to know that you can wipe of the dirt that stucked onto the lens regularly.

Here’s how a normal spectacle’s box would look like. And you will also normally receives a cloth to wipe dirts off the spectacle’s lens. You can obtain it almost every optical shops around Malaysia for less than RM5.

It’s also good to keep note that the cloth has to be clean from bacteria or dirt most of the time.

By holding on the side of the spectacle’s frame, by using a left and right rubbing motion, you can softly clean the dirt off using the cloth. There isn’t any cow-strength is needed for rubbing off the dirt. Enjoy

2 thoughts on “How to clean your spectacles from dirt?

  1. E.Linsenbacker

    really interesting,but not very convincing. The only thing you will achieve is to get the dirt on the cloth mixed with the dirt on the glass.

    The cloth will give another problem and not a solution.


  2. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there,

    Actually it’s really nothing personal on the solution, more like a quick fix, I did that always because it works best for me at that time.


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