Update : Picture Missing?!

God Man Bless! At the moment of posting this, I guessed the problem are you have to PUBLISH the post when you uploaded the picture to make it accessible through the internet. because previously i saved it all as draft inside my blogger account. Man, that’s really pathetic. But well, I’ll try to recover back all of those post’s picture *finger crossed*.

P.s. – i really need your help, in case you spot any missing picture on any of the post, gimme a ring about it. Sorry about the troubles. 🙁 bad day it seems for me.

Edit : I might start to look for alternate solution here, can’t help but hating the picture missing problem,

1. try imageshack or photobucket (free but not sure if it provides automatic thumbnail resizing and generates html code for it)

2. host on own server (lol not free, but of course, i get in touch of all files, and i have to manually do the resizing, add in html to paste inside wordpress, pathethic)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Update : After I’ve decided to use imageshack, and edited the picture 1 by 1 manually, it seems blogspot made its comeback a little bit. Damn. I think I should hold on for a while.

4 thoughts on “Update : Picture Missing?!

  1. bellebelle

    hmm.. since you have your own server, you could give it a try on http://gallery.menalto.com/

    it’s an open source photo organizer, so it’s free! features such as thumbnails (so you wouldn’t have to do them 1 by 1 manually, which is so frustrating), can import photos from other online albums (specific ones. works like importing posts from blogspot to wordpress), you can also customize your gallery, et cetera.

    hopefully this helps, and that your server supports the gallery.

    don’t explode yeah. *sayang*

  2. consuela

    hi there….bouncing off from Knoizki’s page.
    apa kabar?
    you may wanna give flickr.com a try 🙂
    it’s free for the first 200 photos to view/display or you can choose to pay.
    you can link or blog directly from flickr (not too sure with WP)…and they have different photo sizes to choose from. hop this helps a little bit!

    aloha 🙂

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