How to prepare an instant noodle cup?

I woke up in the morning today and I really something for my tummy, which can be done within minutes. That’s when the idea of instant noodle cup came into my mind! You can get this from various hypermarkets for around R.M. 1.50 to R.M. 2.00. But it varies on different brand. I decided to take up Mamee for a try.

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Here’s how a typical instant cup noodle looks like.
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Before feeding yourself with the instant noodle. Prepare boiled water, which if you’re unfamiliar with, you can learn how to boil water using a kettle.
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While boiling the water, we’ll do some preparation, by opening up the cup’s lid and take out the ingredients.

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By default, you’ll have the basic item, the foldable fork and a pack of seasoning.

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Before putting in the seasoning, here’s a quick reminder before opening the packet, because it’s all powder inside, shake it and move all the powder at the bottom and open at the top of it so you’ll able to avoid the powder from spilling all over the places. Shake shake shake.
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And when you have opened the packet, slowly put the amount of seasoning you feel that you want for the soup to taste like. It’s best to remain the less the better.

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While we have just prepared the basic setup for the noodle cup, I guess the water we boiled just now is ready at the moment, what we’ll need now is to pour the water inside. Do it slowly. Be cautious, it’s hot water.

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Around 80% of the cup of water is sufficient, though it’s stated on the lid where 300cc of water is needed, i had heck of idea what is cc, celcius? cc for car engine? lol. Less water means more ‘stiff’ noodles, while more means it’ll be watery.

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When you have done, close the lid properly. And wait for 2 minutes. Though as stated it’s 3 minutes, but I guess when you’re eating that time, it’ll even start to cook the noodle by itself because of the hot water, because by 5 minute, all of the noodle will start to turn into somethign which doesn’t feel too good for the mouth, as in, very powderish?

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Enjoy! Oh before I forgot, stir around to make sure the seasoning is mixing well with the water.

14 thoughts on “How to prepare an instant noodle cup?

  1. neilgroom

    That’s awesome! I just needed a break from business when I remembered I bookmarked this site. Brilliant is all I can say.

    In the UK we call these ‘pot Noodle’ – Now I have found out how to make one I might buy a few tomorrow.

    Thanks for making my day – Again 🙂


  2. lisa

    well I think you covered all the bases. I like instant noodle soup though seldom eat it because low nutrient content

  3. Effa

    Hi Meng,
    I met you at the Levi’s Stay True event @ Zouk a few mths ago. I wanted to tell you about KL Sing Sing 2006 since i know that you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter yourself. Do email me if you’re interested in attending and maybe we can chill together at the event!

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  5. ManMeng Post author

    Please be patience in the meanwhile I’m trying to fix the problem 🙁 really my brain want to explode already. Sorry…

  6. Raewyn

    Hi there,
    I’m Raewyn and as part of one of my internal paper US5940 for computer studies at Howick College I have decided to base my presentation using a desktop presentation computer application on how to prepare a cup-a-noodle. I have looked through your instructions and its great! I was wondering if I could have your consent to use your instructions as my method for how to prepare a cup-a-noodle for my presentation.
    Please reply me back with your consent.
    Thank you for your time,
    Raewyn Tang

  7. ManMeng Post author

    Hi there Raewyn,

    Good day and great to hear from you, you are welcomed to use the articles with the pictures above for your presentation, probably if you could mention the site on the credits would be appreciated. Anyway, good luck and all the best on the presentation. And oh yes, if you have any tips you want to share, please do so.


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