How to get your blog listed inside Best Blog?

Most of us wondered that how we can really achieve a standard of blogging quality which Best Blog of WordPress would acknowledge and add us into the list. Why? How? Here’s a top 7 quick tips on how to get your blog acknowledged and loved by your visitor. Why 7 you ask? That’s because I can think of only that much of tips at the moment which makes sense to me, it might be accumulated to a bigger number later :D, but most of the points here are solely based on what I believed and I felt it really helped in motivating me to post now and then. Note : Please note that by following the tips below does NOT gurantee your place or position inside the best blog archive, but isn’t it is more important to reach your blog onto the people you want to talk to? And have them benefit from what you post instead of fame?

1. Love yourself and your blog. Let people to hear you.
You’ll never get the love from other if you did not love your own blog. That’s what I think is the first and foremost before anything, even at the very basic stage if you also does not acknowledge your blog, no one will. Tell it to your friends or people you want them to read, else, no one will ever notice you, or hear from you, at least at this very point of time. If you even believe that it will benefit almost everyone, I guess it does not harm to start telling your family members, friends or start posting inside forums about what you did. It’s just like you have just baked a fresh and tasty cake out from the kitchen.

2. Trust your post and never give up.
I guess it might sound similar to what is posted above, but this is what I think is also really important, to trust what you post is correct and true to yourself and other. Many other in this world would start to think I’m crazy and stupid for posting such articles on oneDUAsan because they kept on saying ‘Everyone also can do it’, but i guess that’s just too general to describe it. There are sometimes I question, who is ‘everyone’? I think if I didn’t do this, no one will ever do, so I decided to kickstart and post an article inside oneDUAsan, and keep on posting it, because I believe where there is still someone out there who is like me, struggled before, with no one to ask or embarassed to ask for help on such situation. Believe me, when there is trust, there will be support from people coming at where you least expect. There might be a lot of time some comments are harsh, destructive, demotivated and negative, but it doesn’t matter, but it does really help to make yourself and your blog better, and you know where and what’s wrong, so what’s the solution? Listen to it and fix it. I thought of giving up a lot of time, I did not.

3. Be original.
By being original does not mean to create something that is not existant out from this world, everyone is inspired from each other, and it is a process how we adapt from what other succeeded at and we follow their style, and slowly turning into ours. Some say it’s plagiarism, some say it’s copy-cat, some even say it’s unoriginal. But what I believe is, you should do and post what you are best at, if you like to make people happy and laugh or smiling, do it. If you want to share your wisdoms and thoughts, do it. For me, I felt the urge and need to tell my friends or people that struggled like me when facing those ‘basic’ problem in life, i have no one to asked at, and I understand it’s torturing, so I decided to spill it all out onto the blog.

4. Sharing is caring.
For me, sharing is caring, you might know something that other does not even know at all, and it might be a help that would change his/her life forever. Wouldn’t it be a great satisfaction if you are able to help people at that extend? I do. Or if isn’t to help, but sometimes you could wish best that the very interesting thing you find will reach to the other part of the world. It’s not about gaining fame or benefit in the end, but it’s rather more on how you help other will also help you at the end. You’ll never realize how connections between people can be built by helping each other inside a community. Love and be loved.

5. Quality, not quantity. Get feedbacks.
Occasionally, big numbers does not always mean it’s good. What people might look into nowadays are quality post which would most probably giving a little bit of help or benefit to them at the end of the day. Be it, humour, jokes, tips, tutorials or quotes that will make them tinker around for a while. But where does and how do you maintain quality in your posts? That’s also where you start to observe and listen to what your readers say, there are times where it is critical, and there are times it’s demanding, but that is what makes you’ll grow as a more matured blogger, you start to analyze, think and to take what’s good and to learn from what’s bad. This point takes time, but it’s worth the effort.

6. Be true, do not lie, they’ll understand.
Even for most of the blogger, some of us are occupied with a lot of works and commitments. And which also made us looked like we might have abandoned our blog for decades. It’s not something shameful when you let other know what problem you are at, and if you think they can help, let your readers know, and concern what happen to you, at least it is one thing that keeps your blog to have the certain ‘human touch’ in it. You never know how much sometimes that your readers/visitors are so warmhearted than those you met in real life. Be true to yourself, and your visitors.

7. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I guess no other point would beat this one. Why? You ask? There’s no point at all if you’re not enjoying what you’re doing right? There’s no point if you’re doing something back at the end of the day it’s a routine which you felt it’s torturesome, tiredsome, and you’re feeling any satisfication from it isn’t it? Me? Yeap, i’m really enjoying blogging for ods, yeah, yEAH? YEAH! 😀

3 thoughts on “How to get your blog listed inside Best Blog?

  1. 59ideas

    Well said!

    The focus is on the person rather than the actions, something many people misses. When the heart is right, the action follows.

    The last point say it all. When you are happy you create posts that make the reader happy. If the reader happens to be an editor from Best Blog…

  2. K

    Great “how to”. My blog is more on a daily conversation, and I respond dramatically on every comments, off topic or not, in a way that it helps me feel comfortable in what I blog. I blog for myself that’s how I measure myself in a blogosphere.

    In some of your pointers, I agree on #5 but surprisingly, even a photo-blog doesn’t need to be precised (as we say, picture tells a thousand words) and it becomes meaningful – we admire the person who take photos, we can say everybody can do that, but what’s the point of blogging anyways? To find friends and enjoy anything you want or like in your blog.

    I love your blog, I do enjoy the simple “how to”, other people might not find if useful but to me, they are funny and entertaining. Besides, I learned about the ‘How to save an image using a PrtSc’ steps. I didn’t know all that until I read it from your blog.

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