How to use public phone to make calls?

In this guide you’ll find a faily brief introductory on how you can make sure of public phones around Malaysia to make calls to land lines (house phone) / handphones, and you can’t make calls to toll-free numbers (1-800 numbers).

Basically, you can public phones almost everywhere, but with luck, you’ll able to find those are functional.

Go near one of the booth, prepare the correct amount of required small change. The phone only accepts 10, 20 and 50 cents. No RM1, 1cent or 5cent is allowed.

Get yourself near toward the phone itself, and you’ll see a brief iconic explaination on how to use it, pretty neat.

First, take the phone receiver off it’s hook, and insert some coin to proceed.

And on the screen itself will give you a brief instruction on what you can do now, after you’ve insert the coin, and when the message appeared (with dialtones), start dialing.

Please note if you’re calling to other states of the country, do include the state code, etc (Selangor is 03)

When you have done dialing, put the receiver near onto your ear to wait the call to connect.

But if you want to call to another number, with the remaining credit, press FOLLOW-ON-CALL

And you can start to dial again.

When you’re done talking, place the receiver back on it’s hook. And you’ll able to receive back the remaining amount of coin you left from wait you insert.

Please love our public phone. Enjoy.