How to style your hair with wax?(male)

I’ve been really a curious person behind all those tricks that you can do to make yourself look better. This is not to showoff but to at least boost little bit of self-confidence in you. Here is not a professional guide but rather more of a sharing from what i’ve learnt from the salon/hair dresser. Hope you’ll like it.Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at
First off, we’ll have to clean our hair with a round of shampoo washing on it. But it’s optional of course, if you choose want to rinse it with water to make sure there’s moisture then it’ll still be alright. Of course, you’ll have to make sure that your hair is equivalent to the length of what I have to have the same effect, short-medium length. I don’t think it’ll look nice if it’s too long.

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Before proceeding with styling the hair, we’ll have to use the hairdyer to blow dry our hair. Set it up on the highest speed to speed up the proceed.
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We’ll just have to make sure it’s blowing onto our hair to create a fluffy hairstyle. Use your hand to style the way how you want the hair to be. Just some setup. Blow drying about 10-20 second is sufficient, just to make sure it has moisture but not too dry.

Now to the next stage, waxing!

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You can get almost any brand on the market that suits your need, I personally started off with using Lucido and it worked pretty fine for me, not much of a smell and holds firmly. But then I’ve switched to Gatsby for a trial, and well so far the smell of it is pretty strong, and might be unbearable to some of you but it really depends on your choice. I’d suggest to get a small one before proceeding with the big one.
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Open it up, and make sure your hand is clean.

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Apply some of the wax onto your hand (both of it because I was taking picture, so i couldn’t do it lol)
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Spread it evenly across your palm.
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This is roughly how it looks like before it’s being wax but after the hairdrying session.

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Now slowly, brush your palm across your head, from front to back, with both of your hand. Instead of using finger, spread it evenly using your palm.
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And after 1-2 rounds of wax spreading, reapply some wax again onto your hand/palm and style the tip of your hair slowly.
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Like this.

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Repeat the process and you’ll soon to get the desired effect you want.
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Allow yourself to have around 5-10 minutes for this process depending on how complex you want it to be. Usually would take around 5 minutes for me.

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And after you’re satisfied, do make sure you clean your hand properly with soap. So you do not get food poisoning. Enjoy!

42 thoughts on “How to style your hair with wax?(male)

  1. K

    HAHAHAHA this is the most sleek HOW TO for hair waxing style. I, too likes the trendy spikey cut and would never use gel for this look. However, the one that I don’t normally do is using a hairdryer, but I still get that spikey pointy long spines like sea urchins effect on the front.


    Ps. I use the clayish dry-looking wax, it’s more effective since it’s not greasy at all.

  2. viricon`

    very cool! lol was randomly surfing the web when i came across this!!! keep up the cool work!

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  4. ReX

    i did a better waxing style than yours..hahaha,sorry for boasting..& yeah,i did it in mohawk style..looks really cool..
    my wax preferrence is gatsby (strong hold)…u jz can make any style with it!!

    1. jon

      dude u should check my mohawk out its freaking awsome recently got it blond need to take a pic of it and upload it somewere 🙂

  5. ManMeng Post author

    Hi there Alex,

    That pictures was taken when i had my bath and i guess that is the reason why it looks like ‘after-bed’ look, i’ll have some haircut this weekend probably i’ll take more picture of it, but most of the time it doesn’t seem to turn out the way I want it. 😀
    But anyway, I guess the selection of wax/clay that you want to apply onto your hair is important, Gatsby is one famous product for guy, but at first I tried ‘Lucidol’ which are meant for girl’s long hair, but surprisingly it works like charm and I had the hair I’ve always wanted to look like. Most probably my next purchase would be lucidol again.

    Have fun and good luck,

  6. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there,

    Well, you’ll have to use this product or any product in a moderate amount, because obviously if theres anything you use, excessively, it will have some undesire effect such as…hair dropping or others. 😮

    but i’m pretty satisfied with it so far. no problemo.


  7. FCk u

    Dude u so fcking ugly, and that hairstyle is shyt. We dont need to know all that stopid things u say. wax ure legs btch -_-”

    and Btw use Taft titane, much better u dumb fck

  8. Rob

    Wow dude u dont need to be an ass, this guy is showing us a kool way of styling our hair, just because its not for u does not mean u need to use excessive cursing and be mean to him, go get a life next time.

  9. bob

    fck u is a gay retard full stop.

    if you want to know what hairstyle suits you, you should ask the hairdresser.

  10. Charlie

    My way of doing it till now – towel dry your hair, dump some clay wax on your fingers, rub it along your fingers, and just start going throughout your hair until you get the desired effect the good thing about this is that it mihgt take 5 minutes to get a really cool one, but it might also mean you can spend 30 minute and get a “helmet” head hairstyle afterall. These depend my “good/bad” hairdays XD

    PS: This technique also sometimes leave big chunks of was on your hair, so make sure if your hair is the kind that deflated no matter how strong your wax is, make sure that nobody can see, or nail out the undesired wax from your hair.

  11. Chris

    that’s pretty cool ^-^ ..jus wondering though..does wax leave any visible marks on yur hair? And where do yu get Gatsby or Lucido Wax??

  12. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there,

    sodoo: hahaha no i’m not mongolian, do i look like one? O_O

    Chris : Yeah thanks man. It will leave some nasty white mark on your hair (if you know what i mean), if you didn’t rub throughly on your hand and then apply it to your hair. Either it’ll look like some paper stucked on your hair, or some *thing*. lol.


  13. Kenji

    Hey… nice insruction… I hope there is more of that hair styling process… with different hairstyle..

  14. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there,

    No problem, thanks a lot for the compliment. How about styling for girl’s hair?


  15. sp

    just got the best haircut of my life the other day thanks to getting it styled with some wax.. got some or home use, ill try this method, thanks

  16. LoLzZ

    no offense, but its nothing special >.> and its pretty bad >.>
    his hair is too short to do anything else with it

  17. Nauman

    Bro, i got very thick, naturally wavy hair. If i do it right, i can get my hair to sit in a giant mess of curls on my head and i like it like that, but so far, its been fluked… i can’t figure out how to actually get it done. If i use gel, the hair becomes too heavy and i lose all volume.. look like a drowned rat. If i use wax, it wont spread evenly over my hair cuz its so thick and i have patches… after all this, its really hard to get the curls to set right… any tips on how i can do this?

  18. Jeetu

    did any of you asians make dreadlocks with this sorta wax,cuz if been trying a freakin long time!

  19. Lexy

    Hey thanks for this! had my haircut yesterday and it was my first time to have the top of my hair really really short..just like guys had to use wax to style it..thanks for this ^^

  20. koby

    yer it cool but after going to a crazy hair do party and you put a whole tub of it in your hair how the f@#^ do you get it out ????????????????????????????????????????

  21. ManMeng Post author

    Regards there,

    @sp : Welcome and enjoy!

    @Nauman : I think probably you’ll need some combi in the mix, and experiment a lot to get it right. You can try with Clay instead of Wax and add in a bit of spray to hold things down, but as you say if it’s too thick, i think you’ll need to do some trimming as well

    @Jeetu : I had friend tried that, basically you’ll need long hair (really long) to get a good effect and outcome, but mind you, you can’t really wash your hair throughly to keep the dreadlock look

    @Lexy : glad you’re happy 😀

    @ koby : You just wash it with shampoo?


  22. Shadowz

    Nice I love useing wax way lighter than gel and no flakes like hair spray and it don’t make your hair look wet!!!!!!!!!

    1. ManMeng Post author

      Hi there James,

      Thanks for your compliment, yeah will look into preparing it.
      Sorry about the missing pictures, seems like imageshack is acting up, should’ve hosted it on my server.


  23. ManMeng Post author

    Hi Miguel,

    You can actually get it from your nearest departmental store, pharmacies. In Malaysia, international pharmacies like Watsons, Guardians does have them in sale. Though I’m not really sure if it is widely avaialable in the Europe.

    Gatsby is widely known hair care product in Japan.

  24. Gatsby

    I’ve been using Gatsby for about 4 months and it’s changed how I style my hair! I use the Nuance (the yellow container) and it gives me significantly better control over my Korean hair.

  25. Curtis Mchale

    So that’s what I’ve always been missing! I’ve been using wax on my hair for some time now, but I’ve never gotten it to stay the way I wanted it to. Sometimes the wax doesn’t hold up and I end up sporting a messy mop of hair atop my head. I’m just about to put some wax on but I guess I’ll blow dry my hair first. Thanks for the great tip!

  26. DaveyMac

    HAHA this is the worst hair guide I’ve ever seen. You’re hair is hideous. It looks like a birds nest (which is putting it politely).

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