How to boil water using a kettle?

Here is a guide to boiling water using electrical kettle. It’s rather straightforward and I’d hope you’ll enjoy it.
To start with, obviously we’ll need an electrical kettle. Available worldwide at various electrical stores outlet.

First you’ll have to make sure it’s clean enough to put in water for boil.

Preferbly would be tap water that has been filtered, which is optional.

Once filled, which is around 3/4 of the kettle, we’ll clean it with a dry cloth before boiling it.

Make sure the cover’s closed tightly.

By using the power cord provided together with use of the kettle. Plug it in.

Double check that it is fitted nicely. And finally switch on the power.

With everything in place, we’re ready to press on the red button. There will be a clearer indication for newer type of electrical kettle, which in this case, press up on the switch to start boiling. DO NOT TOUCH ON ANY METAL AREA AROUND THE KETTLE because it’s really hot after heated up.

Wait for 2-4 minutes, and once it’s done, you’ll hear one *tick* sound from the switch jumping back to it’s position. Which indicates that the water is ready to use.

Remember, only hold on the handle of the kettle, no other place because it’s really hot.

Now we’ve completed the steps, you can use the boiled water for consumption, or possibly hot nice bath in the morning 🙂

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  1. tommy pearson

    sorry to be a pain i followed your instrutions but found they where really complicated and i burnt the house down iam am no going to sue you cos it is all your fault are you german.

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