How to use print screen/capture your monitor’s screen

Many of us wondered sometimes how we could take a snapshot of the current scene of your screen and send it to our friend? It’s easy over the mac with a Cmmand+3 (Tutorial coming soon), but how about on pc? You’ll need a keyboard and Paint program for this (Photoshop or Pain Shop Pro where applicable).

What is Print Screen?

Say, you’re using your PC and you needed to show your friend what you’re doing at the very moment.

You can of course, use the digital camera, but it wouldn’t be too wise if it turned out to be like this.

And so, we need a keyboard for this job.

Locate the print screen key which is usually on the top of Insert/HOME/PageUp key. Press it once, nothing will indicate if you’ve done the correct thing, no sound or whatsoever, but do not worry.

Go back to your computer, fire up your favourite image editing program, PAINT, or you can use other such as Photoshop or PaintShopPro.

Inside the program itself, go to Edit –> Paste.

You’re done! Congratulation. Now, save the file by choosing File –> Save. And you’ll be able to repeat this process as much as you like.
What If I only want to capture one portion of the program’s screen?

For some special cases or situation, you can use the image editing’s program to crop the desire position that you want to display, but wait, there’s an easier step for it. Let’s say, you only need to capture the Display Properties window only.
Let’s move on back to the keyboard.

This time, we’ll need to use a combination key of ALT + Print Screen to make this work.

By pressing this two key at the same time, you’ll trigger the action to snapshot the current active window only.

Repeat the steps above and you will get this nice clean window snapshot.


18 thoughts on “How to use print screen/capture your monitor’s screen

  1. K

    Honestly this is very useful. I have been trying to figure that prtSC SysRQ since a friend just told me to press it only. I couldn’t find what and where the image went.

    Just the other day I surfed on this over the net and found good, similar to your instructions then I got it. I was even thinking to use my cam-phone to take a snap on what’s in my wallpaper. How stupid is that, right?

  2. ManMeng Post author

    thanks man, really happy you liked it 😀
    yeah, i guessed its really been a while to see if there’s precise tutorial on how to use somethign thats always explained ‘abstractly’ through words and text.

    Hey no worries, everyone once ‘uninformed’ before, but we’ll do almost everythign to get the message across right isn’t it

  3. paul cunard

    i never knew how to work the print screen key.i just purchased capture wiz every time i try to capture i get a blank screen. i know about acceleration and overlays nothing if you can.

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  6. Triona

    Wow! Glad you explained that there are no indications that anything is happening…I was trying to send a photo in a format that my sister couldn’t open, but I could. So I opened the photo, and pushed that mysterious Prt Scr key; “nothing happened”, but the photo came open in Picassa, and I clicked ‘send e-mail’ and this time it attached in the proper format. I’ve just tried your directions (after you explained it was saved on the clipboard) and was able to copy the page on Word. Thanks very much!!


    Thanks a lot. Its very easy now for me , earlier just i was wondering how to use this command

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