How to write/draw on the whiteboard marker?

You have a whiteboard, which you probably get a small sized one at R.M.30 in Malaysia.
This is how a typical reflective white board you can find anywhere.

There are various type of marker you can use to write on the board itself, some are permanent (unremovable) and some’s ink are removeable by the eraser.

I’ll check back later, but I guess the rating of the ‘permanentlity’ are rated by numbers, the usual 509 are erasable.

Here’s the tip of the marker.

Similarly like a pen/pencil, you can feel free to hold it as shown on the picture, with just the size are slightly bigger.

We’ll start by drawing a circle.

And you’re done! Congratulations! And if you’re interested you can proceed below for more information.

A pair of eye

A square below it would make up a body for this character

A pair of hand.

The final touch on the leg itself

Congratulations, you have successfully use the whiteboard marker to draw a character!

And if you’re interested on how to erase the ink on the board, feel free to follow the link below.

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  1. xeon

    wtf ?? anyone know how to write on a whiteboard, dont you have any other interesting topic other than this crap ??

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