How to tie your shoelace

You just bought a new shoe. And you had a problem. It has shoelace! This guide requires you to use both of your hand to make the process easier, i’m showing with only one hand because i’m holding my camera with the other hand.
A new shoe you had and it has lace.

Fear not, make a cross in between two of the string/lace.

Tie it, with a simple knot.

Tighten it slightly a bit, not much.

Next, try to fold one side of the lace like this.

Um, i mean, both of it, and then try to make another knot again.

Tighten it slight a bit.

Done! Enjoy!

One thought on “How to tie your shoelace

  1. K

    You are very creative in this very simple yet educational “HOW-TO” do things. I find this very informative, thanks for sharing your ideas.

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