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Regards there,

Sorry for lack of updates, been a lot of things happened to me for the past 2 week. It's been 2 week past since I've update with new post, because I'm currently ongoing various projects on my own, and also because of i'm being selected to participate as a performer and sing my own song on stage end of this week. I guess it's really off topic but I promise I'll put everything back here in one piece once I get everything firmed up on myself, and yep, been preparing materials to post up here and share with you guys. Stay tuned. 😀

With apology,

p.s. – and if you're bound to be around malaysia, you can visit me on this 28/5 on zouk, kl, i'll be performing there. 

8 thoughts on “Site status

  1. William K

    Welcome back to blogging!
    It’s hard to keep up sometimes, isn’t it? I’d love to do it for a living, and be able to post daily (more than 1nce daily even).

  2. ManMeng Post author

    Thanks William, 😀 glad to hear from you there, yeah it’s pretty hard to keep up with everything I had in hand especially with the real life’s fulltime job really choking up my throat lol.

    elvie : yeah i’m going there by myself driving, hahaha, if you want to wake up at 4am then sure why not lol.

    entrance is free 😀

  3. elvie

    =.=” 4am.. zouk open so early? anyway what r u going to perform there? remix?? x_x didnt know u so cool.. XD

  4. ManMeng Post author

    lol it’s me performing solo, i singmy own song

    4am i go setup, and i’ll stay until midnight, u guys want to help as well? if follow my car then need to help 😀 a must hahaha jk jk

    but well, i need to be there early to setup so i can setup + sound check

  5. elvie

    hehehe..passed edi lo..i still didnt go out.. rushing for tmr’s project ler.. sorry for FFK.. 😛 share with me if got any recordings ya.. ^.^

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