How to pump air into your car’s tyre

You car’s tyre are almost flat, without air and you’re in need to fill it with airs. So head on to then nearest petrol station to get some free air, yes, there’s actually thing you can still get for free. For now. And oh yes, car with insufficient air in their car literally causes your car to use more petrol to move (less air = heavy car). So, to save your car from fuel comsumption, it’s better to check once a while.
Here’s how a typical ‘modern’ air-pump looks like. Angin means WIND in Bahasa Melayu literally.

Here’s the pressure you’ll normally use for your car, generally for cars we drive, and you’ll have to refer to the chart provided below for other type of car, eg. Vans, Jeeps…and so on. 200-210 is alright.

Go to any of the tyre that you wish to pump. Remove the cap.

Press and hold down on the pin before pushing it inside the tyre’s head?(correct me)

Make sure it fits properly else you’ll face some problem of the pump not working correctly. As you insert the pump’s head correctly, you’ll have hearing noise from the machine *ting ting ting ting*, and it will start to calculate the current pressure of your tyre, and slowly increasing until it reaches the one that you set. (210 refer above).

Once you have reach the limit, the screen would blink and the machine will alert you to remove the pin from the tyre’s head. Repeat the process until you feel that all of your tyres has sufficient air to move around.

And remember, to put it back. Of course, enjoy!

12 thoughts on “How to pump air into your car’s tyre

  1. marul86

    What is the metric for kancil car? kpa, psi or BAR? what is the standard pressure for kancil tyre? is 210kpa ok for kancil?

  2. ManMeng Post author

    Hi there Marul,

    It is standard for all cars, at around 200-220, but if you are worried and you want to keep it on the safe side, try with 200 first, if it feels fine, or if you want more air, you can pump by 10 increment, from 200 to 210 to 220.


  3. raj

    What is the metric for honda accord car? kpa, psi or BAR? what is the standard pressure for honda accord tyre?

  4. kacang puteh

    I’m a rookie driver. Thanks for the great info and the step by step picture guide. 🙂

  5. Jesse

    Dear everyone, I have been traumatized by pumping tires. I went to pump my tires at petrol station, I attach the pump host to the tire and it filled up properly. I heard the tit tit tit and wanted to pull it out. Noticed that it was stucked, and I am afraid that it might still BLOWING AIR into my tire after the sound came out. So I pulled, but can’t. It’s stucked badly. I pulled with some strength and it burst, all the air came out and I have to change the tire. Actually, after you hear the sound tit tit tit, does the air still goes into the tire? or it will stop at what you have set? I’m needing this answer badly!

  6. ManMeng Post author

    @raj : hi there, it is known on average metric for honda accord/other type of sedan is around 200-220kpa, but it is best to approach your local friendly tyre shop for “recommended“ pressure. I pumped it at 220kpa.

    @kacang puteh : thanks a lot for the compliment, glad it helped you.

    @Jesse : Hi there Jesse, do not worry as I also had the same experience before and afraid of blowing up the tyres (like in movies). But in fact the safety measures these years has gone up to several level to protect us. The “tit tit tit” sound is an indication where no air will be pumped into your tyres anymore. That is the best benefit of using those new electronic pumps. You have a great day ahead 🙂

  7. Jesse

    Thanks alot Man Meng!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah, I have been afraid of pumping tires after that accident. Yesterday I asked the pump attendant to do it for me haha! So imaging I’m still pumping the tire, when I hear the sound tit tit tit I just take it out, or I wait until it finishes the tit sound where no more sound?

  8. ManMeng Post author

    Hi there Jesse,

    You have to pump until the pump indicates with the “tit tit tit” sound. Then you can stop pumping the air and slowly remove the pump away from your tire.

    The sound will always keep on repeating until you remove it from your tyre 🙂

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