How to use Google as dictionary?

Some of us might some across massive terms in computer that we don't even know what it is…URL, BIOS, MODEM, Mouse, Keyboard, Speaker, Wallet, Winamp…etc.etc. That is when you'll find it is extremely helpful to have an instant-up-to-technology-date-dictionary, i guess even the book doesn't catch up with certain Internet abverbs.

Say you have a word, absolutely almost anything, (yes, even the bad foul language! :D) , and you came across it and you have no idea what it is.

Go to using your favourite browser. Put define: in front of the keyword you want to find the meaning of. Press on the 'Search' button and expect some magic.


Some extra notes if you're interested in other more comprehensive search. But of course, some of it would took relatively, longer time to search and even needs you to go through several clicks before that