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How to tie your shoelace

You just bought a new shoe. And you had a problem. It has shoelace! This guide requires you to use both of your hand to make the process easier, i’m showing with only one hand because i’m holding my camera with the other hand.
A new shoe you had and it has lace.

Fear not, make a cross in between two of the string/lace.

Tie it, with a simple knot.

Tighten it slightly a bit, not much.

Next, try to fold one side of the lace like this.

Um, i mean, both of it, and then try to make another knot again.

Tighten it slight a bit.

Done! Enjoy!

How to wear earphone

You have a earphone laying around. And you wonder you can wear it effectively, and of course, this varies to different type of model.

This is one typical headphone/earphone.

There are times that it’s not clearly indicated that how you can/should wear the headphone upside down or vice versa, and if yours come with a microphone as well, just like this one on the picture, you would wear it so the microphone would be on your left ear.

Just like this.

And this.

Probably not this, but i usually do this when i turned up the volume too loud.

How to wear watches

This might appear to be a general tips for you that just gotten yourself a brand new spankin’ watch. And then you are wondering how you will need to do to put that on your wrist?
A typical watch would look like this.

You would need both, a wrist and a watch to complete this guide.

There are two side from the belt of the watch that will hold it from slipping off your wrist,the belt which normally has been punched with holes.

And also the other end of the belt which would act as a lock.

First, you’ll just to put the watch on the top of your wrist.

To make your job’s easier, lay your hand down on top of the table with the cloth on top to avoid scratches on the head of the watch. And then, as the picture explained, try to find the correct hole for you to lock the watch’s belt. But make sure that it is comfortable enough for you to move your hand around.

Slot it ‘in’. This is put the belt in place and avoid it from flapping when you are moving your hand.

It will supposingly to fit perfectly, and comfortably if you do it alright.


Site status

Regards there,

Sorry for lack of updates, been a lot of things happened to me for the past 2 week. It's been 2 week past since I've update with new post, because I'm currently ongoing various projects on my own, and also because of i'm being selected to participate as a performer and sing my own song on stage end of this week. I guess it's really off topic but I promise I'll put everything back here in one piece once I get everything firmed up on myself, and yep, been preparing materials to post up here and share with you guys. Stay tuned. 😀

With apology,

p.s. – and if you're bound to be around malaysia, you can visit me on this 28/5 on zouk, kl, i'll be performing there. 

How to draw/write with your hand

Have you ever wondered how to write with your hand? It’s really easy. Believe me.
All you need is a piece of paper and pen. You can get any pen from almost all of the bookstores nearby your house, or 7-11.

To begin with, you’ll have to hold the pen with the tip facing down to the paper.

Make sure you feel comfortable with the position of the pen laying on your hang.

You might be nervous for the first time, worry not. Slowly, approach the paper with the tip of the pen.

We will not start to draw a circle.

And we’re done! Congratulations! But if you’re interested you can still continue below.

Draw another circle inside the circle.

Next, draw a line across separating quarter of the big circle.

And we’ll follow by drawing straight lines that looks like piano’s key. After that, on both of the small circle, if you like to, draw one small circle inside each of it.

We’re moving on, and one square just right below the face.

The hand.

The leg. Congratulations! You DID IT AGAIN!. Enjoy!

How to pump air into your car’s tyre

You car’s tyre are almost flat, without air and you’re in need to fill it with airs. So head on to then nearest petrol station to get some free air, yes, there’s actually thing you can still get for free. For now. And oh yes, car with insufficient air in their car literally causes your car to use more petrol to move (less air = heavy car). So, to save your car from fuel comsumption, it’s better to check once a while.
Here’s how a typical ‘modern’ air-pump looks like. Angin means WIND in Bahasa Melayu literally.

Here’s the pressure you’ll normally use for your car, generally for cars we drive, and you’ll have to refer to the chart provided below for other type of car, eg. Vans, Jeeps…and so on. 200-210 is alright.

Go to any of the tyre that you wish to pump. Remove the cap.

Press and hold down on the pin before pushing it inside the tyre’s head?(correct me)

Make sure it fits properly else you’ll face some problem of the pump not working correctly. As you insert the pump’s head correctly, you’ll have hearing noise from the machine *ting ting ting ting*, and it will start to calculate the current pressure of your tyre, and slowly increasing until it reaches the one that you set. (210 refer above).

Once you have reach the limit, the screen would blink and the machine will alert you to remove the pin from the tyre’s head. Repeat the process until you feel that all of your tyres has sufficient air to move around.

And remember, to put it back. Of course, enjoy!

How to use Google as dictionary?

Some of us might some across massive terms in computer that we don't even know what it is…URL, BIOS, MODEM, Mouse, Keyboard, Speaker, Wallet, Winamp…etc.etc. That is when you'll find it is extremely helpful to have an instant-up-to-technology-date-dictionary, i guess even the book doesn't catch up with certain Internet abverbs.

Say you have a word, absolutely almost anything, (yes, even the bad foul language! :D) , and you came across it and you have no idea what it is.

Go to using your favourite browser. Put define: in front of the keyword you want to find the meaning of. Press on the 'Search' button and expect some magic.


Some extra notes if you're interested in other more comprehensive search. But of course, some of it would took relatively, longer time to search and even needs you to go through several clicks before that

How to use Google as spellchecker?

Most of us types a lot, and almost everywhere we use our keyboard to type and find something. So we often find ourselves in a trouble of identifying the "correct" spelling of a certain word. Let's say you're stucked and you have no other spellchecker and you need it quick!

I guess Mr.Google is here to come

Let's say you're typing half way, and you're not sure about that word.

Worry not, just copy that word and try to remember probably at least 70% of the words inside, even if its scrambled, chances that Mr.Google will help you to find the right one.

Fire up your favourite browser and goto

Press on search and you'll find the suggestion on the correct word.

You're done!